What Is Strategic Internet Marketing?

Esther Ejim

Strategic Internet marketing is a marketing term that encompasses the various ways in which individuals and organizations can utilize the Internet as an effective marketing tool. The methods involved in strategic Internet marketing are varied, but the aim is usually the generation of more customers through the exposure afforded the businesses and individuals who use the platform as a means of selling themselves, their product or their service. It involves all of the processes from designing the Web site, creating good content for the Web site, optimizing the site for easy access on search engines, and using blogs and other types of output like e-mail and social media.

Social media promotion is one aspect of strategic Internet marketing.
Social media promotion is one aspect of strategic Internet marketing.

One of the most important aspects of strategic Internet marketing is the design of the Web site. The reason why this part of the strategic Internet marketing process is vital is due to the fact that human beings are visual creatures and will first of all react to what they visually perceive, Web pages included. In order to take advantage of this fact, part of the effort applied toward strategic Internet marketing goes toward the design of the Web page. Usually, companies and other individuals hire professionals who are well-versed in the process of developing Web pages due to the fact that such people usually have a background in art and its application toward achieving output that will have a high aesthetic value.

The other aspect of designing the Web page is to consider the target market and to make the Web site appeal to the applicable senses of sight and sound. This process would normally involve the conduction of a marketing survey beforehand in order to find out what appeals to the target demographic. The result of such a survey would serve as a sort of guide in the Web site design. For instance, a Web site that is designed to reach a target audience of teenagers would be markedly different from one that is designed to reach a target audience of business men and women.

Another important aspect of strategic Internet marketing is the content of the Web site. The content includes everything from the text, pictures, number of pages and arrangement. Internet marketers know that if they want to make effective use of the Internet as a marketing tool, the first few seconds count. As such, the copy on the Web page that the visitors see first must be captivating and to the point. Longwinded text usually loses the visitors as they quickly become bored and move on to another site. Due to the vast variety of choices and information available on the Web as a whole, unless viewers see something interesting or relevant within the first few seconds they will most likely look for another related site that is better organized.

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