What Is S'Mores Cereal? (with picture)

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn
Many s'mores cereals on the market contain large quantities of sugar.
Many s'mores cereals on the market contain large quantities of sugar.

S’mores cereal is a new kind of breakfast cereal that incorporates the taste sensations of a popular outdoor snack called S’mores. As a product in modern supermarkets, S’mores cereal fits in with the range of extremely sweet breakfast cereals that are promoted by major food companies. This type of cereal may be sold in different brands, but the overall taste components or elements will remain largely the same, involving chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers.

Traditionally, S’mores are dessert snacks that are often cooked over a campfire or enjoyed outdoors. They are made up of three main elements. The first one is marshmallows which, when roasted or otherwise heated, provide a sticky, soft texture that holds the other elements together. The second main ingredient is chocolate, which also melts significantly when the S’mores are heated. The third main component is a graham cracker or other type of cracker, which provides a more rigid structure for the other two foods to rest on, and keeps the snacks from falling apart or dissolving into a sticky mess. The name is said to be a contraction of the words "some more," implying that it is so tasty, that people will always beg for more.

In S’mores breakfast cereals, the three elements used to make S’mores are often represented in a very different form, or in culinary terms, “deconstructed.” The chocolate may consist of wheat cereal elements with chocolate flavoring. The marshmallows are often actual marshmallows, scaled-down to size, but might also be made from a kind of marshmallow paste or flavoring that is not the same as an actual individual marshmallow. The graham cracker element may also consist of conventional wheat cereal, that is sometimes even made with graham flour.

It’s important to note that like many other kinds of similar breakfast cereals, S’mores cereal usually has a certain set of nutritional characteristics. The main one is an extremely high sugar content. Another common characteristic of most of these cereals is that they are usually fortified with a range of vitamins. According to food scientists who create these cereals, this helps individuals to get their daily supply of various nutritional elements that they need in their diet each day.

Very often, S’mores cereal will be promoted on the front of the box with images that associate the cereal with the traditional campfire treat. Other similar products that are advertised this way include S’mores ice cream, S’mores snack bars, and other modern desserts. The difference between many of these products and the original S’mores is that S’mores cereals and ice creams are not heated, but served cold.

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    • Many s'mores cereals on the market contain large quantities of sugar.
      Many s'mores cereals on the market contain large quantities of sugar.