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What Is Self-Help Music?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Self-help music, sometimes referred to as healing or meditation music, is designed to promote healthy relaxation and relieve stress. Some people believe self-help music may also bolster awareness and concentration. The main purpose of self-help, or healing, music is to nourish the soul and relax the body by reducing blood pressure. Healing music tends to have a calming effect due to the frequencies used to produce the recordings.

Effective self help strategies may include support groups, self-help books, and healing music. Self-help music may also be used during hypnosis. Those who practice meditation or yoga often listen to healing music simultaneously. Some people believe the music helps heighten the level of awareness necessary to achieve a transcendental state.

Listening to music may help promote relaxation.
Listening to music may help promote relaxation.

Various types of self-help music exist, and this genre is not limited to one musical sound or instrument. Self-help music may be performed by an entire orchestra, or produced by one musical instrument, such as the harp or violin. Any music that promotes a state of well-being may be perceived as self-help, or healing, music. For some people, self-help, or healing, music may be classical recordings, while others prefer jazz or pop. Self-help recordings are often produced on compact disc.

Self-help music may be instrumental sounds or vocalization. Along with soothing vocals, instruments may be used in the background. String instruments are often used in many forms of healing music.

The benefits of meditation music are not limited to the mind and spirit. Those who listen claim to experience improved physical health in addition to tranquility. Health benefits of healing music include reduced blood pressure and heart rate. Fans of self-help, or healing, music also claim it strengthens the immune system.

Many patients suffering from chronic or long-term illnesses listen to self-help music on a regular basis. For many people, healing music is an option for pain management. Some patients receiving physical or psychological therapy find that listening to healing music is also therapeutic. Additionally, many people report their sleeping habits improve after listening to self-help music.

Some patients become anxious prior to undergoing surgery. Listening to healing music may help relieve stress and anxiety for many of these patients. Patients may also recover from surgery faster when listening to their favorite healing music.

Experimentation with healing music has also been found to increase concentration in the classroom. Students with autism may show improvement when healing music is played in the classroom. Students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may also benefit from self-help, or healing, music.

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    • Listening to music may help promote relaxation.
      By: CandyBox Images
      Listening to music may help promote relaxation.