What is Self-Healing?

Dorothy Bland

Self-healing is a means of improving health that takes into account the mind and body connection. Considered a means of self-help, those who practice self-directed healing believe that a variety of physical conditions and emotional traumas can be greatly improved or even healed without medication or visiting a physician. Instead of relying on these more established treatment methods, various tools and techniques are used that supposedly work to harness an individual’s innate natural ability to heal and restore balance.

Keeping a journal is a great way to promote self-healing.
Keeping a journal is a great way to promote self-healing.

The idea of self-healing is not only based in alternative therapy. The capacity of the body to heal itself is well known and established. For instance, the body will naturally work to repair a cut finger or promote an immune system response when an infection is present. The ability of the body to fully heal itself from severe illnesses, however, is not an idea embraced by modern medicine. According to some who believe in physical self-healing, however, even chronic health conditions such as cancer can be improved autonomously.

A chiropractor can assist an individual in learning alternative healing techniques.
A chiropractor can assist an individual in learning alternative healing techniques.

Improving the physical body through the self alone can involve preventative treatments as well as responding to current health conditions. For instance, an individual dealing with muscle pain and joint strain may practice several methods of healing to bring relief. Methods such as embracing a healthy diet can help those dealing with arthritis because doing so can help reduce body weight to avoid excessive pain on the joints. Exercise may also be useful for relieving stress and helping to strengthen the joints. Deep tissue massages, cold compresses, and acupuncture are all methods of self-help used in the treatment of arthritis that can have varying levels of success.

Emotional and mental self-healing have also been embraced by some as a way to treat various mental issues, ranging from depression to anxiety. Uses of various techniques are done to promote self-awareness, helping individuals to connect and acknowledge the emotions they feel to enable healing to take place. To promote emotional well-being, keeping a daily journal and practicing positive affirmations may be done. Aromatherapy, yoga, and hypnotherapy might also be used. Believers in emotional self-healing believe that such techniques can be beneficial for improving physical and emotional health as well as leading to spiritual fulfillment.

The idea of combining conventional therapies with holistic approaches is gaining more acceptance. Often known as integrative healing, self-healing techniques such as acupuncture, meditation, and massages are being increasingly studied and used to help relieve daily stress and side effects associated with some diseases. Those looking to explore alternative techniques may seek out the advice of a chiropractor, clinical nutritionist, and other holistic doctors to improve their health. Holistic health centers can also be found that offer courses, books, and workshops. As self-healing gets the patient actively involved in his own health care, it may be beneficial for improving overall health and quality of life when combined with established treatment methods.

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