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What Is Salon Hair Spray?

Alicia Sparks
Alicia Sparks

As its name suggests, salon hair spray is hair spray sold in salons. Usually, salons sell two types of hair spray that are commonly referred to as salon hair sprays. The first consists of hair spray formulas designed or endorsed by recognized hairdressers or brands, and the second includes hair spray formulas created by the salon. When comparing salon hair spray to other commercial brands, customers often find designer and salon versions are of higher qualities, provide superior results, and are more expensive. Yet, sometimes salon sprays end up on department store shelves, which often lowers their price tags but also reflects their performance level.

It’s common for well-know hairdressers to develop or endorse their own lines of hair products. Often, but not always, these product lines start in salons. There, they gain popularity with and loyalty from both stylists and customers. Typically, salons encourage their stylists to use these products as well as sell them to customers. Usually, designer salon hair spray and other styling products are more expensive than other kinds of hair products, but, depending on the brand, they are often better quality, too.

Salon hair spray.
Salon hair spray.

Small, locally owned salons tend to use the kinds of designer hair spray and other products marketed by famous hairdressers. Larger salons, on the other hand, often create their own product lines. This doesn’t mean these salons shun designer products, but it does mean they’ve established themselves enough to produce their own lines of products. Often, the hairdressers at a particular salon will use the salon hair spray and other products when styling customers’ hair. Not only does this show the customers how well the products work, but it also helps the salons sell their house brands in addition to the designer brands.

Hairdressers may develop their own lines of hair products in salons, including hair spray.
Hairdressers may develop their own lines of hair products in salons, including hair spray.

Note that salon products aren’t always exclusive to salons. For example, a designer hair spray might start out in a salon, but eventually make its way to department stores, drug stores, and other in-person and online retail locations that sell grooming and styling products. Sometimes, this happens because the products don’t sell well when limited to hair salons. Other times, it happens because the company simply wants to branch out and reach a larger customer base. Whether the price, quality, or both changes once a salon product enters a larger commercial market varies, so customers might find their former salon-exclusive products are less expensive, but also of lesser quality.

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@ddljohn-- In my experience, salons that have started producing their own hair products recently tend to have better prices because they are still trying to get people to know the brand and trust it. In fact, if you're their customer, they'll even have special offers and discounts to get their customers to give their products a chance. So it might be a good idea to look up local salons that have recently launched their own hair product line.


@ddljohn-- There are pharmacies and even a retail store in my area that sell salon brand hair spray at more affordable costs. Sometimes it's overstock products that the brand is trying to get rid of. Other times, the brands have made deals with the stores because there is a demand for their products and they want to make it available to more people and more easily. Not everyone goes to a hair salon every week or even every month. But almost everyone makes a trip to the pharmacy every week. So it's a great marketing technique for them.

The good news for you is that you can get the hair spray you want at a lower cost that won't break your budget. So next time you go to the pharmacy, check out the aisle with salon brands. Some retail stores that are known for selling high end brands at lower prices carry these products too.


I use hair spray a lot and I have a difficult time finding a good product that has a nice, flexible hold. The cheaper store hair sprays either make hair too hard or they don't maintain the style at all. And they sometimes smell bad too.

Last time I had my hair styled at a salon, the stylist used one of the salon brand hair sprays and it worked so well. I wanted to buy it but it was too expensive. Since I use hair spray practically every day, it wouldn't last me long. I haven't come across as good a hairspray at stores though.

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    • Salon hair spray.
      By: Alexandr Makarov
      Salon hair spray.
    • Hairdressers may develop their own lines of hair products in salons, including hair spray.
      By: gemenacom
      Hairdressers may develop their own lines of hair products in salons, including hair spray.
    • Salon hair sprays may be of a higher quality than some sold in retail stores.
      By: sytilin
      Salon hair sprays may be of a higher quality than some sold in retail stores.