What is Rolled Fencing?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Rolled fencing is a fencing product shipped in rolls, allowing people to receive ready-to-use fencing in a compact format that is easy to handle. Usually, supporting fenceposts are needed, and once the posts are in, people can unroll the fencing, fasten it in place, and cut it to the desired length. This cuts down on the time and expense associated with building a fence considerably, as people do not need to build the fence from scratch. It can also save money on materials, generating less waste.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

A number of types of fencing come in rolls. One of the most common is wire fencing, including things like chicken wire. Wire fencing can use metals or plastics in a mesh designed to keep animals in or out. The size of the mesh determines which animals can get through. Costs vary, depending on the size of the mesh and the strength of the fencing. In some locations, people can buy rolled fencing cut to size from large spools and rerolled for transit, rather than having to buy a roll of a set length.

Some types of wooden fencing are also available in rolls. Fencing made with slats of bamboo, willow, and other woods woven with a nylon backing can be rolled up for delivery, as can plastic lattice fencing. Cloth fencing, usually designed for privacy or temporary use or applications like surrounding a tennis court, is also sold in rolls. The rolled fencing can come in an assortment of styles and heights to meet different needs.

As it is unrolled, this fencing product has a tendency to want to roll back up. People usually work with it by unrolling a segment, stretching it tight, attaching it to fence posts, unrolling a little bit more to reach the next posts, and so forth. This allows them to maintain tension on the fence as it is put up and prevents problems like long strips of fencing rolling up or warping after they are unrolled. Tensioners used to stretch fencing tight are usually sold by hardware stores that stock rolled fencing.

When purchasing rolled fencing, people may want to consider the height they need, the aesthetics of the environment, and how resistant the fence is to animals, rot, and other problems. Someone fencing a garden, for example, needs to find fencing resistant to rabbits and small pests that is also high enough to deter deer, while a person in need of privacy fencing may want a tall fence with a fine mesh or closely-positioned slats to make it hard to see through.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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