What is Rejuvelac?

Christine Hudson

Rejuvelac is considered a food digestion enhancer. In other words, people consume the rejuvelac in order to improve their food digestion or return it to a “normal” function. The product is typically all-natural and made from rye, wheat and quinoa. Other ingredients like barley, oats and buckwheat may also be used in the process of making rejuvelac.

Buckwheat can be used to make rejuvelac.
Buckwheat can be used to make rejuvelac.

Normally this product is pre-packaged and sold in various markets or online, but it is also possible to make it at home. To do so, a person can soak sprout grains in water at room temperature for two days and then drink the liquid. The same sprouts can usually be reused for a second and third time, but the taste may not be agreeable.

Quinoa is a common ingredient in rejuvelac.
Quinoa is a common ingredient in rejuvelac.

As a digestion aid, the fermented liquid may provide the benefits of treating constipation and cleaning the intestinal tract. The fermented liquid also contains lactic acid, which may be useful for destroying harmful intestinal bacteria. It works towards the development of friendly bacteria that work naturally as a resistance against foreign bacteria. Overall, rejuvelac may help the colon to function properly by introducing lactobacillus in the colon path. This helps rid the colon of toxicity and promotes health.

Rejuvelac is considered by many to be a nutritious and organic way to help digestion as well as obtain essential nutrients such as vitamins, proteins and saccharins. The digestive enzymes mainly present are aspergillus and amylase. Intake of enzymes is essential because they generally help break down food into forms that various parts of the body can use and benefit from. If there is a problem in the breakdown process, the body cannot utilize the natural nutrients, and they instead sit in the digestive track and cause issues like acid reflux, gas and even colon diseases.

Many choose to take rejuvelac on a daily and permanent basis, but medical professionals maintain that a diet which is changed to a healthy one full of fiber and vital nutrients has no need for the supplement. Doing so enables the natural healing process of the body to take place and lets things “right themselves." This supplement, however, is marketed as a great way to start that process in the right direction and is even taken by some during fasts or body-cleansing processes. Although there have been no reported side effects of using rejuvelac this way, it is usually important to do so only under the supervision of a professional.

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