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What Is Raspberry Seed Oil?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands

Raspberry seed oil is oil extracted from the seeds of the raspberry fruit, usually by using cold-pressing methods. Oil from the raspberry’s seeds may be extracted from red or black raspberries and used raw or may be used as an ingredient to create various other raspberry products. Research shows that this type of oil has certain healing properties since it is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, as well as containing useful antiviral and antibacterial properties. Raspberry seed oil is also used to make raspberry flavored jams, syrups and liqueurs.

Historically, researchers have discovered several early uses of raspberries. As a fruit, it has long been enjoyed for its sweet flavor, but its leaves have also been used to create teas, and raspberry juice has even been used as a remedy for various digestive upsets. In more recent studies, scientists have discovered that the raspberry seed, in particular the oil from the raspberry seed, also has certain properties beneficial in lowering cholesterol, protecting against heart disease and protecting the skin from sun damage.

Red and black raspberries can be used to make raspberry seed oil.
Red and black raspberries can be used to make raspberry seed oil.

While being rich in antioxidants, studies suggest that the fruit may also prevent cancerous cells from developing or spreading because of its ellagic acid, a substance that is a natural enemy to cancer. Scientific evidence suggests that raspberry seed oil may inhibit the formation of skin cancer since it not only contains ellagic acid but it also guards against harmful ultraviolet rays when directly applied to the skin. Other cancers that raspberry seed oil and the raspberry fruit may protect against include liver cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer.

Raspberry seed oil has useful antiviral and antibacterial properties.
Raspberry seed oil has useful antiviral and antibacterial properties.

As many skin cancer patients have tried topical raspberry seed oil in the form of manufactured products and creams, some report that they have not been effective in halting or reversing that particular type of cancer, but that raspberry creams do have a very moisturizing and soothing effect on damaged skin. While raspberry seed oil is often sold in health food stores, as are other raspberry products, research indicates that people experience significantly greater results when consuming the actual raspberry fruit. Even as a dietary supplement, however, raspberry seed oil contains very little saturated fat while maintaining high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, leading many who enjoy the fruit for its taste and curative properties to conclude that it is healthy to consume on a daily basis.

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Love the information provided but would like to add a bit:

Ellagic Acid & Ellagitannins are mostly concentrated in the fiber of the fruit, the skin and the seed. The juice/fruit pulp does not contain high concentrations of Ellagic Acid & Ellagitannins, nor does the fatty contents (oil) but the oil does contain a small amount ~.1%-1% depending on the filtration. We believe this is due to the potential sediment residuals in the oil.

Meeker red raspberry seed fiber, after being de-fatted, contains around 2% Ellagic Acid & Ellagitannins. Different varieties produce different biochemical makeups.

The oil has been proven to provide UVA, UVB & UVC blocking potential (Oomah, et al 2000; Characteristics of raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) seed oil) but when used on the skin, can have varying results depending on the formulation. The oil is most commonly used as a stand-alone moisturizer as well as an ingredient in skin-care formulations from serums, creams, scrubs, sunscreens and more.


Berry Beautiful is a US producer of Red Raspberry Seed Oil, conventional and USDA Certified Organic. They cold-press Meeker red raspberry seed seed from farms in the Pacific Northwest and sell the oil and powder in retail and bulk. Large oil distributes that offer many kinds of oils are buying from the cheapest sources (often overseas) and repackaging them with their label. Who knows how long their oil sat in a shipping container waiting to be filled and sent overseas.


i love using raspberry seed oil as a moisturizer and an ingredient in our homemade cosmetics and balms. We've had issues finding good sources for Red Raspberry Seed oil. It seems that most sellers buy it in bulk and re-package it.


I've never heard of anyone ingesting raspberry seed oil. I think this oil is usually used topically on skin. There are raspberry supplements out there such as raspberry leaf extract or raspberry ketones that are said to have many benefits.

I personally use raspberry seed oil as an ingredient for homemade cosmetics such as lip balm and hand balm. It adds a nice scent, it's moisturizing and has antioxidants that prevent aging. My raspberry lip balm which I make with beeswax, shea butter and raspberry seed oil is a favorite among my customers.


@ysmina-- I use raspberry seed oil on my face and neck as a moisturizer and it works very well. Raspberry seed oil is wonderful for dry skin. It keeps skin moisturized for a very long time and has natural SPF properties as well.

I have not used it around my eye area but I think that would be okay. You might want to test it for a few days and see the results. The only thing I would worry about when using raspberry seed oil under the eyes is milia. These are small white bumps that the skin forms sometimes as a reaction to certain moisturizers.

Also, depending on the type of raspberry seed oil you have, you might want to dilute it with another carrier oil to make it easier to apply. Or you could add some to your regular moisturizer or eye cream.


Has anyone bought raspberry seed oil and used it directly on their skin?

I vaguely remember that I used a raspberry eye cream many years ago which worked great for under eye circles. I have not been able to find that cream again but I'm wondering if I could use raspberry seed oil instead?

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    • Red and black raspberries can be used to make raspberry seed oil.
      By: dmytromykhailov
      Red and black raspberries can be used to make raspberry seed oil.
    • Raspberry seed oil has useful antiviral and antibacterial properties.
      By: Ocskay Mark
      Raspberry seed oil has useful antiviral and antibacterial properties.