What is Power Bodybuilding?

Troy Holmes

Bodybuilding is the sports activity designed to enhance muscles in the human body. Power bodybuilding is an explosive weightlifting program, which is designed to enhance the muscle growth and power of the bodybuilder. Typically power exercises include squats, dead lifts, and the bench press. These exercises are performed with heavy weights in a quick explosive movement.

Powerlifting requires explosive power.
Powerlifting requires explosive power.

A good weightlifting routine includes periods of explosive exercise. This type of routine better stimulates the muscles and forces enhanced muscle growth. Explosive routines should be cycled in six-week intervals. This causes muscle confusion, which helps the bodybuilder develop fast-twitch muscle fibers.

A person must lift heavy weights in low repetitions in order to build muscle mass.
A person must lift heavy weights in low repetitions in order to build muscle mass.

Power bodybuilding is a program that requires heavier weights, which are lifted at faster repetitions. To reduce the chance of injury, this program requires proper form and concentration during the entire lift. These techniques are typically recommended for experienced athletes because they can put extreme stress on the joints and muscles. This form of weightlifting typically develops more muscle mass and explosive power than normal exercises.

The bench press is an excellent power bodybuilding exercise. To perform this exercise correctly, the weightlifter must place his feet flat on the floor. When the weight is lifted down to the chest, an explosive push should be executed immediately after the weight touches the chest area. The weightlifter should push the feet towards the ground while the weight is pushed off the chest area. This focus on explosion and foot pressure enables the bodybuilder to lift more weight.

Squats are an excellent power development exercise. This is one of the most comprehensive core weightlifting exercises available today. Performing this exercise in a power bodybuilding manner require proper form and concentration. The weightlifter should take the weight into a full squat position and push quickly upward in a power motion.

Most power exercises place added stress on the back and knee area of the weightlifter. As a precautionary measure, the weightlifter should become comfortable with his lifting posture and upward motion before adding heavy weights. Safety belts and wraps can also be added to support the joints during these types of lifts.

The dead-lift is an exercise that is often seen in the Olympics. This is a power bodybuilding exercise that requires the weightlifter to lift the weight from a squatted position into a fully extended overhead position. This requires explosive power and focus which enhances the core muscles of the weightlifter. A dead-lift exercise is extremely dangerous because it requires the weight to be lifted over the head from a ground position.

Squats and deadlifts are essential elements of a power bodybuilder's routine.
Squats and deadlifts are essential elements of a power bodybuilder's routine.

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