What is Pore Minimizer?

Jennifer Brister

Pore minimizers are used to diminish the appearance of large pores on facial skin. When pores become full of dirt and bacteria, the pores can get clogged and appear larger. Many people use a pore minimizer product on the face when this happens to clean out the pores and make them look smaller. There are a wide variety of pore minimizer products available on the market, including moisturizing creams, exfoliating masks, facial scrubs, and gels, and many of them come with an applicator, such as one that rotates the cream onto the skin with an electric brush. Though some products claim to reduce the appearance of large pores in a matter of hours, some products take weeks to show results.

Using an exfoliant can help minimize pore appearance.
Using an exfoliant can help minimize pore appearance.

When makeup is used on a daily basis, pores can become clogged with dirt, makeup, and bacterial debris. Daily cleansing of the skin can typically keep this from happening, but not in every case. When someone finds that he or she is having trouble keeping skin clean, he or she might want to use a pore minimizer that will aid in the cleansing process and help the pores to appear smaller in size.

Pore minimizers may help people fight acne.
Pore minimizers may help people fight acne.

Cleaner skin can also help to prevent acne. Using a pore minimizer to clean and moisturize the skin can be highly important for people with recurring acne problems. A good pore minimizer, along with a regular facial cleansing regimen, has been shown to decrease acne and promote healthier skin.

Some pore minimizers may be able to prevent rosacea.
Some pore minimizers may be able to prevent rosacea.

In addition to helping to prevent acne, some pore minimizers also claim to be able to prevent rosacea, reduce blackheads, decrease sun damage, and cure skin rashes. Depending on the ingredients of the particular pore minimizer, these effects could occur. When using a product that decreases oil in the skin, acne, blackheads, and skin rashes usually can be healed with relative ease.

Clay face masks can be applied to help tighten skin and reduce the size of pores.
Clay face masks can be applied to help tighten skin and reduce the size of pores.

Pore minimizers typically contain vitamin C, silicone-based additives, and skin conditioning products. Some pore minimizing products also offer protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Other additives, such as silica, help to reduce the oil that the pores contain. Vitamin E is also generally used in pore minimizers to contribute to the softness of the skin.

Emu oil, a pore minimizer, may also be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
Emu oil, a pore minimizer, may also be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Emu oil also is a typical ingredient in pore minimizers. This oil has been reported to help get rid of scars and stretch marks and help soothe dry skin. It is also an anti-microbial product that can help to clean up bacteria in the skin.

A non-comedogenic foundation that is designed to not clog pores may also help minimize them.
A non-comedogenic foundation that is designed to not clog pores may also help minimize them.
Some cleansers are designed to shrink pores.
Some cleansers are designed to shrink pores.

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You know what? I have the hardest time with enlarged pores. This didn’t come about until about a couple of years ago when I was just knocking on thirty.

I suppose it’s just age that’s brought it on since it’s never been a problem before. However, I haven’t had a real easy time finding a solid help.

I’ve tried all kinds of cleansers and the like, but none of those seem to help the pores. Now, I can definitely tell improvement with my actual pimples and blackheads, but the pores seem the same.

The only things that seem to really help are to use a daytime anti-aging cream especially for those in their thirties before I put my makeup on in the morning. Then, I use an anti-aging cream of the same kind at night.

If I miss even a few days of my regimen, I can tell a noticeable difference.


I have always had sensitive skin, so I have been careful when choosing acne products. In the past few years since I have hit thirty, my skin has become a little tougher. I felt it could stand up to a pore minimizer.

I decided to start off slow and use one sparingly. I bought an at-home chemical peel. The active ingredient was soaked into cotton exfoliating pads kept in a jar. Once a week, I would swipe a pad all over my face and neck. I could feel the tingling sensation, and I could feel my pores tightening. My skin immediately looked better.

Since I only used it once a week, I never experienced redness or burning. My face actually felt moisturized after I used it, because it contained natural emollients to replace what got removed along with the dead skin.


For years, I had been going about minimizing my pores all wrong. I kept using harsh over-the-counter acne creams that made my skin red and flaky, and I used powerful cleansers that stripped my skin of natural oils.

I discovered that over-cleansing can actually make your skin more oily, because it works harder to replace the oil you stripped off of it. I switched to the most gentle facial cleanser I could find. It was so gentle that you could even leave some of it on your face as a moisturizer.

After using this cleanser for a couple of months, I noticed that my pores were not as clogged as before. They appeared smaller, because nothing was inside of them to spread them open.


I was always looking for ways to minimize pores. I used several products, including a blackhead vacuum, but none of them seemed to work.

Then, I had a dramatic lifestyle change. I quit my stressful job and started working from home. I no longer had to wear makeup every day, and I began to notice a big difference in my skin’s appearance.

Within a month, I stopped getting breakouts. I developed a radiant glow to my skin, and my pores seemed smaller.

Though I definitely attribute some of this to a reduction in stress, I know that keeping my skin clean of makeup was perhaps the greatest pore minimizer of all.


I used heavy makeup every day to cover up my severe acne. This was actually making it worse, but I could not go without makeup and show my blemishes.

I finally saved up enough money to go see a dermatologist. He gave me some antibiotics, several chemical peels, and a topical gel.

After I got off the antibiotics and he stopped doing the peels, he told me to keep using the gel for three years. I was pushing thirty at this time, and he said that the great thing about the gel was that it also served as a pore minimizer. Pores get larger as skin ages, so this was great news.


@alfredo - I have definitely read a lot of anecdotal accounts from people with clear skin that their parents also had clear skin, so I can understand you feeling like your skin is already behind the 8 ball when it comes to your complexion.

But you are also right in learning that taking care of your skin can help. Washing my face with a gentle cleanser and wearing a daily lotion with spf helps me to reduce my pore size (or the appearance of my pores).

If you are really worried about it, go talk to a dermatologist, as he or she literally has heard it all, so they might be able to send you in the right direction for where to go next.

Oh and I also heard drinking water helps your complexion. I have not noticed a difference in my complexion, but it makes sense that it would help!


I have not been the best at taking care of my skin, but part of me feels a little doomed in that category as both my parents have large, porous, not so soft looking skin.

I have been lucky in that although I never had clear skin, I also never had severe acne. My brother did, but it has not followed him into adulthood.

Although I have been using my skin genetics for not trying to do better with my skin, I have started getting more wrinkles and have since vowed to do better. From the suggestions it looks like I will have to start cleansing better and using a few more products. Any more suggestions?


@Crispety - I also had large pores but I had bouts with adult acne for a while until I saw a dermatologist.

He told me that you really can’t shrink the size of your pores but when your skin clears up you pores automatically look smaller. I had to take Retin-A with a combination of accutane in order to clear up my skin.

I now have clear skin and my pores are no longer noticeable, but for me it took more than just cleaning my face daily to get there. I also try to use an exfoliating scrub about once a week and a combination of an exfoliating and moisturizing cream at night in order to make sure that my skin looks its best.

I also know that many cosmetic lines offer pore minimizing foundation in order to reduce the appearance of larger pores without clogging the skin. This way the skin appears smoother and the makeup application goes on more evenly.


I recently bought a skin care treatment set from a department store and I notice the difference in my skin’s appearance once I started using it. My pores really do look smaller and the texture of my skin is softer.

I also have started using a cleanser to remove my makeup and then I follow up with a facial soap to ensure that my face is thoroughly clean. Then I use a toner and a light moisturizer and my skin has never looked better.

I used to have a problem with blackheads especially around my nose area which really accentuated my pores. Now I don’t have that problem. I think that when you take care of your skin it really shows.

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