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What is Photobook Software?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley

As more and more individuals take digital photographs instead of traditional prints, photobooks are becoming more popular. They make great personalized gifts, keep pictures neatly displayed and allow for a great deal of customization. Photobook software allows a person to make a personalized photobook. It is software that is used on a computer to manipulate photos and arrange them within the confines of the photobook. Photobook software is available as free software or fee-based software.

There are a couple of ways to access photobook software. Some people prefer to use photo-sharing websites that provide free software designed to work with the company’s photobooks. This software allows a person to design his or her photobook and arrange his or her photos while working within the parameters of that particular book. Photos might be cropped, enlarged, enhanced or captions might be added. In addition, many companies allow for a certain amount and type of clipart to be incorporated into the books.

Photobook software allows user to create customized photobooks.
Photobook software allows user to create customized photobooks.

In addition to the ability to manipulate photos and add them to preexisting book designs, many websites offer predesigned theme books. These books are made for specific holidays or events. Software on the website allows an individual to add his or her own images to the book, change various aspects of the photo if he or she wishes and have a book that is suitable for a specific holiday or event printed. The benefit of this type of software is that the company has done most of the work for the individual, allowing him or her to essentially drag and drop his or her photos into the predesigned template.

It is also possible to buy photobook software on a disc that can be used on any personal computer that meets system requirements. This software does many of the same things the web-based kind does, but this software generally allows a bit more flexibility when it comes to design. In addition to the added flexibility, many people might find that this type of photobook software has a slightly higher learning curve. This should not discourage someone from using the software, however, and a simple search on the Internet or perusal of the manual that came with the photobook software should greatly assist one's effort to get started. When using this type of software, it is important for the user to know whether a book publisher is associated with the software, so that he or she knows how to get his or her photobook published.

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    • Photobook software allows user to create customized photobooks.
      By: SilviuFlorin
      Photobook software allows user to create customized photobooks.