What is PDA Golf Software?

Patrick Roland

PDA golf software combines handheld computer technology with one of the world's most popular sports. By utilizing a Global Positioning System (GPS), golfers can get a better look at their next shot. Its statistical details help golfers track their history and review trends in play. Many models combine both of these technologies to create a comprehensive tool that allows for a detailed look at a player's rounds of golf.

A person playing golf.
A person playing golf.

A PDA is a personal digital assistant and can be a Blackberry, an iPhone or any number of other PDA devices or technologically advanced cell phones. There are a number of golf software companies available, and each one offers the same basic package with a few different twists. Software is easily found online for download but can also be purchased in computer stores. Most PDA golf programs require very little computer knowledge and can be managed with only a few keys and commands.

A golf course.
A golf course.

Simpler programs help golfers merely track scores with PDA golf software. There are several digital scorecard options available, and some of the more basic models are even free for download. These look like a digital version of paper scorecards, and golfers enter the number of strokes taken on each hole and the par for each hole, and their score is tallied automatically. Most of these programs also save results so that golfers can track their performance.

GPS technology is the main draw for most PDA golf software. These programs show a satellite map of the golf course and allow the user to close in on the exact hole to see the layout better. Many of the programs allow users to input courses, so that the PDA can calculate distance to the pin when the golfer simply stands next to the ball. This technology gives golfers precise information as they consider their strategy.

More advanced PDA golf software combines the two types to form a single helpful program. By using the global positioning tracking and the scorecard memory, players can review every hole they've played while using the device. Some software even allows users to input which club was used on every shot and the weather conditions. This is helpful for a serious golfer, because he or she can review what was successful and what was unsuccessful.

PDA golf software combines computer technology with sports. Its ability to track each shot makes reviewing the game much simpler and more scientific than taking notes on paper. There are a variety of options that will fit any golfer's needs.


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