What Is Oltermanni?

A. Leverkuhn

Oltermanni is a Finnish or Scandinavian type of cheese that is commonly sold in Northern Europe and other places where this product is exported. Those who are familiar with this food, describe it as a mild flavored, moderately soft cheese, which is not as soft as the texture as some of the popular spreadable types of cheese like the goat’s cheese or chevre. Some describe this cheese as having a creamy, buttery flavor, which is much milder than some of the aged cheeses, like Roquefort, Blue Cheese or others, that are more associated with central and western Europe.

Oltermanni pairs well with pinot grigio.
Oltermanni pairs well with pinot grigio.

In its standard presentation, the Oltermanni cheese is often described as being similar to Havarti in texture and taste. Others have compared it to Muenster cheese which is another popularly exported cheese. Some even call this cheese a “baby Muenster” though others argue this is not a true designation for this type of cheese.

Generally, those who present this cheese to culinary audiences can either slice it or cut thicker wedges from around the wheel of cheese as it is originally made. This cheese often comes in the original cylinder form, tightly wrapped and labeled. Some containers for this food include peelable tops to make it easy to open the cheese and keep the remainder fresh.

Those who are familiar with the uses for this type of cheese recommend pairing it up with specific wines. Often these wines have a sweeter flavor, such as varieties of Merlot. Pino Grigio is another wine that many recommend pairing with Oltermanni or similar cheeses.

Some other presentations for Oltermanni include a fruit and cheese plate. Here, some of the fruits that are recommended include plums and pears, the latter of which have a unique sweet flavor as well as a rougher texture that can compliment the cheese well. Grapes are another popular option.

In terms of nutrition, it’s critical to note that, like most cheeses, Oltermanni has a relatively high fat content. This is the reason that most cooks do not overuse cheese in various meal preparations. Rather, the cheese should provide a flavor and texture component that is complimented by fresh greens, fruits and vegetables, or other whole foods. While Oltermanni and other cheeses tempt eaters to consume them with only minimal accompaniment, the best presentations include a variety of other food elements.

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