What Is Natural Shower Gel?

Laura M. Sands

A natural shower gel is a particular type of bath product used for cleansing the skin that is made with all natural ingredients. These bath products typically do not contain harsh chemical additives, which are sometimes used to add to a gel’s shelf life, enhance its scent or give it a specific color or texture. A natural shower gel can sometimes be found in stores where natural beauty products are sold and many are made to order. Individuals may also make a natural bath gel from select ingredients for personal use or to sell to other people.

Bottles of shower gel.
Bottles of shower gel.

While a variety of different types of bath and shower gels are sold in most grocery and drug stores, as well as stores specializing in bath and body products, some people prefer to only use a natural shower gel. These gels, also sometimes found in mainstream retail outlets, are made from natural ingredients such as glycerine and water, as well as various scents like citrus and lavender while synthetic ingredients are avoided. A natural shower gel made from the right amount of quality ingredients can be just as effective for cleansing as other gels are.

Shower gels are used to clean the body during a shower.
Shower gels are used to clean the body during a shower.

Various mass produced shower gels often use chemicals to preserve the product’s shelf life. Chemicals are also sometimes added to soaps and shower gels in an effort to increase the product’s fragrance or to give it a certain color. Many believe that some of these chemicals are harmful to the environment in addition to being too harsh to use on the skin. In an effort to avoid contact with such chemicals a natural shower gel is often preferred.

Some mainstream manufacturers specialize in selling natural bath and shower gel products to the public. These can often be found in retail establishments alongside other bath and beauty products. Whole food stores and health food stores may also carry certain natural shower gels.

Many people, however, choose to make their own natural shower gel. Recipes and instructions on how to do so are often found in craft books or on websites that specialize in do-it-yourself creations. Individuals who make their own shower gels often do so for personal use, but many also create natural bath products for sale at craft fairs and through their own enterprises. A homemade natural shower gel can also offer individuals the opportunity to use customized gels featuring blended fragrances and other natural ingredients.

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