What Is Mining Exploration?

Esther Ejim

Mining exploration is a term that may be used in reference to the exploration of mines by visitors, tourists or individual prospectors for the sake of leisure, education, excitement and the hope of possibly discovering something. Another application of mining exploration is the more formal and professional type of exploration that is undertaken by well-equipped mining companies, together with their crew of well-trained employees and contract staff. Depending on the type of mining exploration under consideration, the types procedures involved in the whole mining process is unique to the situation and the resources at hand.

Tourists may engage in mining exploration for entertainment purposes.
Tourists may engage in mining exploration for entertainment purposes.

In the case of individual mining exploration, some people regard it as a sort of pastime or recreational activity that involves both preplanned or organized tours of old mines and the more individual efforts that are initiated by the respective prospectors. Concerning organized efforts, tour guides will take the participants around the mines, explaining to them the various processes involved in mining exploration. On the other hand, some people might decide to go to the mines on their own in the hopes of finding some mineral or precious stones, such as diamonds. Sometimes, they utilize some form of amateur prospecting equipment to assist them in their mining activities.

Finding precious stones like diamonds is one goal of mining exploration.
Finding precious stones like diamonds is one goal of mining exploration.

In the case of a mining exploration conducted by mining companies, the preparations for such mining expeditions are usually more elaborate and detailed than that by individuals. These companies usually conduct a thorough assessment of the plans for the exploration through feasibility studies that will include the application of data collated through numerous scientific and geographic sources in order to rate the possibility of success for the mining exploration. Such a venture will include the use of technology like the analysis of data collected from satellite imagery or photographs taken from aerial vantage points, which will give professionals like geologists evidence from which they can determine the presence of conditions that support the mining potentials. Sometimes, companies that are involved in oil exploration and mining crude oil or the exploration and mining of other objects like precious stones and minerals will have their own crew of professionals, such as scientists and engineers who will carry out the mining exploration process. Others may employ the services of mining companies that will carry out the exploration on the behalf of the company, including the risk assessment and feasibility studies.

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