What Is Mineral Lip Gloss?

Kristeen Moore

Mineral lip gloss is a type of cosmetic that is marketed as more natural and healthier for the skin than conventional versions. Certain makeup lines are made of primarily minerals, and lip creams and glosses in such collections are touted as feeling softer. Mineral gloss might also moisturize the lips more compared to traditional stains. Still, there is some skepticism over the supposed natural factor of lip gloss ingredients, and whether they are truly better for the skin. The general higher cost of this type of makeup is also a concern for many consumers.

Some mineral lip glosses contain coconut oil or another emollient.
Some mineral lip glosses contain coconut oil or another emollient.

Lip gloss is considered mineral if it does not contain certain ingredients that traditional glosses do, such as any fragrances, parabens, and preservatives, which can often irritate sensitive skin. Chemicals contained in conventional lip colors can sometimes give a caked-on appearance and leave the lips feeling dry. The lack of chemicals in mineral lip gloss can help to minimize such an effect, and might even leave the lips feeling softer.

While mineral cosmetics are void of certain chemical ingredients, some specific products like lip glosses also have features which traditional makeup might not contain. Some companies add antioxidants, such as vitamins A and E, to mineral lip gloss to make the skin smoother. Other products even contain moisturizing coconut oil.

Most users will find that mineral makeup is safer for the skin than traditional chemical-based options. This is particularly promising for people who suffer from skin ailments, such as eczema and rosacea, as well as those who have sensitive skin. One potentially irritating ingredient that might be present in some mineral lip glosses is bismuth oxychloride. The ingredient is used by some lip gloss manufacturers to give it extra shine.

Some traditional lip gloss and mineral versions actually have common ingredients, including iron and zinc oxides. Zinc oxide acts as a natural skin shield against inflammatory substances. Such ingredients are not natural, but the minerals are synthesized to make all types of cosmetics. The difference might be in the way that the lip glosses are produced, and there may be less synthesized ingredients in mineral lip products compared to conventional ones.

Overall, the cost of mineral makeup products is more than its traditional counterparts. Given the fact that mineral lip gloss might not necessarily be better than conventional versions, some consumers do not want to spend extra money on it. Lip gloss shoppers should keep their skin types in mind when comparing mineral and traditional cosmetics. Consumers might also consider using mineral lip gloss if their skin is particularly sensitive.

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I think that most mineral lip glosses also contain ingredients that protect from the sun. I have not come across a mineral lip product that doesn't have SPF. But I agree that a mineral lip gloss is one that is as natural as it can be. Mine is made of 100% natural ingredients and provides protection from the sun. I like that it's a simple product because I can wear it every day and all day.


@fBoyle-- That's a great question. I think mineral, organic and natural lip gloss can be the same. You have to check the ingredients of different products to see what they are. Mineral lip gloss contains only natural ingredients and avoids chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Organic is something different though. Something can be natural or mineral but not organic. Products that claim to be organic have to be approved by the FDA. That's why you see "certified organic" on the label of those products.

Mineral and natural seem to be the same but I personally think that "mineral" implies "mild." I have friends with sensitive skin or skin problems like rosacea, who can only use mineral products because those don't irritate their skin. "Natural" is a claim that can be made by any product and it doesn't mean a lot. A product can contain both natural and synthetic ingredients and be labeled "natural."

If you want mineral lip gloss, ignore the product claims and check the ingredients list. A lip gloss that only contains natural ingredients like natural oils, beeswax, etc. is a mineral lip gloss.


What is the difference between mineral lip gloss and organic/natural lip gloss? They all sound the same to me.

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