What Is Matelasse Bedding?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn
Hotels may use matelasse bedding.
Hotels may use matelasse bedding.

Matelasse bedding is a specific type of bedding made from a relatively thick material that is named after a French word, matelasse, that means padded. Bedding made from these kinds of materials is often popular with consumers because of its thick, soft texture. These kinds of bedding materials are sold in many department stores and other retail locations with a substantial inventory of linens and bedding materials.

To achieve its traditional soft texture, this kind of bedding is often made of cotton. As a relatively soft material, cotton lends itself to the luxurious feel of matelasse bedding. Some other similar products may include blends of cotton and other fabric materials such as polyester, or any other material that lends itself to the special loom method used for creating this kind of sophisticated material.

Matelasse bedding is only one use for this type of material, which is also used for upholstered furniture and for other applications. In bedding, matelasse fabric is used for sheets and pillowcases, as well as other accessories like pillow shams and blankets. Matelasse bedding products range from simple to elegant, and may be produced in solid colors or elaborate visual designs.

Buyers can choose matelasse bedding that suits a particular color scheme or room décor design. The kinds of high-quality bedding that are made with these fabrics are materials can be seen in many hotels and other lodgings. They may also be part of the visual setups for sample rooms or demonstrative purposes, such as fully dressed beds in a mattress store or other furniture retail location. These are also popular with many buyers for home use.

Experts often speak of matelasse materials and bedding as having a raised, quilted design. Although these materials seemed to be cushioned or padded, the thickness of the material usually comes from the specific sewing technique. Some of those who are experienced with buying linens and bedding materials prefer these kinds of products because they stand up well to many washing cycles.

Although some associate them with a French style of décor, these kinds of products have become much more broadly produced and exported by countries like Portugal and other parts of the European Union. In the world of global textiles, similar products may be manufactured all over the world and shipped internationally to diverse retail points.

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    • Hotels may use matelasse bedding.
      By: robert lerich
      Hotels may use matelasse bedding.