What is Log Edging?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes
Hatchets can be used to cut log edging.
Hatchets can be used to cut log edging.

A landscape edging is an elegant way to outline a flower garden or walkway. This edging can be accomplished with many types of material, including rocks, bricks, wood, and logs. A log edging is an edging that uses wood logs from trees to surround the area. These logs can be configured in many patterns and create the illusion of a natural wooded estate for the home site.

When creating an edging layout, it is important to design the landscape on paper first. This provides the opportunity to make changes before any digging or labor has begun. Log edging is typically done with either whole logs or half logs. These logs can be placed with the round side facing up to present a natural appearance.

Installing log edging is a simple process. First, the area to be edged should be cleared of debris and grass. This area should include a small trench to support the edging material. It is important to ensure the cleared trench area is level before placing the edging material. This will present a professional landscaped appearance for the final garden or flower bed.

Log edging can also be combined with natural rocks to present a rustic appearance. These rocks can vary in size and location. They may be used between the logs surrounding the edge areas on corners or hard-to-reach areas. The logs can be cut with either a straight edge saw or a hatchet, depending on the desired look.

Many flower beds use log edging landscape. This edging integrates well with most mulch colors and flower designs to present a beautiful overall landscape. Using log edging for flower beds makes it easier to keep weeds and grass out of the bedded area.

Log edging is available with either vertical or horizontal logs. The vertical logs present more of a fencing appearance but are better suited for edging designed to keep out small rodents. Horizontal logs present a lower profile and are less expensive because they cover a larger area.

Vertical log edging is typically sold in rolled bundles. These logs are attached with metal wires, which create a complete fence-like edging. The bundles are available in many sizes and colors and should be purchased based on the required dimensions of the garden area.

Many people use log edging as a walkway or path edging material. This provides a good border between the walkway and grass area of a home. When using this type of edging, it is important to use pretreated lumber. This will limit the environmental impact on this product.

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    • Hatchets can be used to cut log edging.
      By: Halfpoint
      Hatchets can be used to cut log edging.