What is Kotlet Schabowy?

G. Wiesen

Kotlet schabowy is a Polish dish that consists of a thin, breaded pork cutlet, usually a pork chop or pork tenderloin. The pork is pounded quite flat and is then breaded in either flour or breadcrumbs and shallow fried in a small amount of oil. Different spices can be used as well to add greater flavor depth and variety, though no additional flavorings are strictly needed. Kotlet schabowy is typically served with a variety of different side dishes, from mashed potatoes or pierogies, to pickles and sauerkraut.

Breadcrumbs may be used to coat the pork in kotlet schabowy.
Breadcrumbs may be used to coat the pork in kotlet schabowy.

Quite similar to other pounded cutlet dishes, such as the popular Viennese dish called schnitzel, kotlet schabowy begins with a piece of pork. The pork cut chosen is typically either a pork chop or a fairly thin slice of pork tenderloin. While this piece can have a bone in it, boneless is often preferred for easier preparation. Otherwise the bone should be removed.

Kotlet Schabowy is commonly served with sauerkraut.
Kotlet Schabowy is commonly served with sauerkraut.

Once the proper cut of pork is chosen, the piece is pounded quite thin, typically with a mallet. This can be done between two pieces of plastic wrap to reduce the chances of tearing the meat. The pork for the kotlet schabowy should be quite thin, which allows it to cook quickly and makes it perfect for breading.

Different cooks prefer different types of breading for kotlet schabowy, though either flour or breadcrumbs are typically used. The thinly pounded pork cutlet can usually be dredged in flour, then dipped in a plain egg mixture, and then dredged in the flour again or breadcrumbs. Seasonings can be added to the coating, such as salt, pepper, caraway, garlic powder, and marjoram, though this is not necessary. Excess breadcrumbs or flour should be shaken off of the kotlet schabowy, and then the piece of meat is cooked at high temperature in a pan with a small amount of oil in it.

The kotlet schabowy will cook quite quickly, and depending on the approach used, it may be cooked a few minutes at high heat, and then finished a few minutes longer at a lower temperature. If seasoning is not added to the flour or breadcrumbs, then the hot cutlet can be seasoned with some salt and pepper as it is removed from the pan. Kotlet schabowy should be served hot. A number of different side dishes can be served with it, such as pierogies, sauerkraut, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and pickled beets or cucumbers.

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