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What Is Involved in Front Office Training?

Whitney Leigh White
Whitney Leigh White

In order for a person to effectively fulfill a front office job position, he or she should complete some type of training. Front office training usually involves learning sharp verbal and non-verbal communication skills, as well as how to maintain a professional appearance. Many front office training programs allow the participants to create a customized action plan, which enables them to meet specific objectives; this is very beneficial, since front office jobs can differ significantly from industry to industry.

Verbal and non-verbal communication training is an important part of front office training. Since non-verbal communication is involved in both writing and speech, most programs teach participants how to write and/or type in a formal and professional manner and also how to read body language. Telephone manners are also frequently taught in front office training courses. A person learns proper greeting manners, how to actively listen, how to transfer calls, and more. Given that most front office personnel interact with their employer's customers, training programs also typically teach appropriate face-to-face manners and practices.

Computer skills may be taught through front office training.
Computer skills may be taught through front office training.

Maintaining a professional image is an important section covered in most front office training programs. Through this section, participants learn how to make a first-class impression to not only their employer's customers, but also to their employer. Many programs use visual examples to show just how important it is to maintain a professional look. These examples also reveal some of the most obvious mistakes that many front office personnel make when it comes to sustaining their appearance. Many participants testify after completing the professional image portion of a front office training program, they are able to immediately improve their look, which has a positive effect on the company they are employed with.

Front office training courses may teach a person proper greeting manners.
Front office training courses may teach a person proper greeting manners.

Front office training programs that involve creating a customized action plan can be very useful for participants. Objectives are created at the beginning of the training program, and participants focus on meeting those goals. Those providing the training usually strive to help every participant meet their objectives, as each goal that is met means the participant can take that new knowledge back to the workplace. Through customized action plans, every person involved in the training program benefits, including the teacher, the participant, and the organization that employs the worker.

Many times, some basic computer skills are also taught through front office education. A participant will usually learn how to use spreadsheet, word processing, and accounting programs. He or she may also learn how to properly store customer records electronically.

Since front office job duties differ from industry to industry, many training programs are specifically tailored to certain types of businesses. Dental front office programs cover medical terminology, patient relations, accounts receivable, and more. Hotel front office programs cover how to properly suggest rooms, how to connect with customers, and similar tasks. With so many different types of front office training programs available, it is important for a participant to choose the one that best fits his or her job.

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We had to actually codify a dress code at my company last year. I've been there over 20 years and we never needed one before. But some of the girls in one of the front offices started coming in dressed like hoochie mamas. They weren't trying to look provocative, but no one had ever told them how to dress. It was kind of sad.

We had a little seminar about appropriate dress when you have to deal with customers. You could tell some of those girls had never had anyone explain to them how their revealing clothing could make a bad impression, and didn't reflect well on the company.

It was kind of sad that they hadn't had more home training than to think the way the dressed was appropriate for a front office job.


Etiquette, etiquette, etiquette. I have seen some completely abysmal examples of the lack of common courtesy and good manners in front office staff.

At the risk of sounding like some old fogey, I have noticed this lack in people who are of Millennial age. OK. Bring on the protests. The fact remains that basic good manners are still important, and are vital to good customer service.

I've heard some of the kids in my office on the phone, and they are just downright rude, sometimes. That has its penalties. We are a family owned company and the owner is usually in his office down the hall, and these people will call him to gripe. When that happens, people get called into his office and he lets them know he expects them to be polite.

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    • Computer skills may be taught through front office training.
      By: gordand
      Computer skills may be taught through front office training.
    • Front office training courses may teach a person proper greeting manners.
      By: Marco Wydmuch
      Front office training courses may teach a person proper greeting manners.