What Is Guarana Soda?

Dan Harkins

Guarana berries, from South America's Amazon River basin, form the cornerstone of a popular soft drink called guarana soda. Providing energy like caffeine, these berries also are suspected of being effective for treating several medical-related problems, from overeating and impotence to headaches and even cancer. Though this type of soda is sold throughout the world in 2011, primarily by companies like Goya® and Guarana Antarctica®, its primary market is in countries like Brazil and Argentina. In Brazil, it is not Coke® or Pepsi, rather it is "Coke® or Antarctica."

The primary market for Guarana soda is Argentina and Brazil, making it Coke's biggest competition in those countries.
The primary market for Guarana soda is Argentina and Brazil, making it Coke's biggest competition in those countries.

Second only to Coca-Cola in popularity in Brazil, the Guarana Antarctica® brand of guarana soda is reportedly the most visible brand at the beginning of the 21st century. According to the label of this product, a single can contains just 140 calories, mostly from simple sugars that are the second most prevalent ingredient behind carbonated water. Aside from standard soda constituents like citric acid and other preservatives, guarana extract and other "natural ingredients" add a distinctive fruity flavor to the final product.

Argentina is one of the primary markets for guarana soda.
Argentina is one of the primary markets for guarana soda.

Guarana Antarctica® by no means has a monopoly on guarana soda, though. This drink also is manufactured in countries like Portugal and as far east as Japan, producing dozens of store-bought drinks in a range of tastes. A New Zealand company has even produced a guarana-based "epop," which is a lollipop in various flavors that feature lots of caffeine, vitamin B and taurine, too.

Guarana extract or even wholesale guarana sodas are regularly used as the base for energy drinks, juices and teas sold across the globe. A typical energy drink in 2011 might contain a combination of guarana or guarana soda and other well-known stimulating ingredients like gingko biloba, acai, caffeine and ginseng. In turn, bartenders have been known to use guarana soda or guarana energy drinks to further enhance the alcoholic effects of various cocktails in an essentially natural way.

Some attribute more than just energizing effects to the guarana berry. Though urging further study, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York city's preliminary studies at its Web site that show the berries proving successful, as of 2011, at killing cancerous tissue in vitro, quelling anxiety and stimulating brain activity. Further, the center states that studies of guarana supplementation appear to have revealed the berry's effectiveness in improving brain function and metabolism. Beyond these potentially life-saving qualities, however, lie those who believe the berry is also a powerful aphrodisiac.

Guarana soda is a drink made from guarana berries.
Guarana soda is a drink made from guarana berries.

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Anyone who visits Brazil or Portugal usually comes back hooked on this stuff. I wouldn't recommend drinking it just for the health benefits since it's a carbonated drink with sugar and preservatives (a guarana extract supplement would be better for health use). But this is a great soda with a unique and refreshing flavor. I haven't found anything that tastes similar to it.


@literally45-- I have seen sugar free guarana soda but it wasn't manufactured by the usual brand. It might be difficult to locate it at stores, it's a good idea to check online stores.

My husband grew up drinking this soda in Brazil and he introduced me to it many years ago. I love this soda too. It's difficult to describe the flavor, it's sort of like a fruity version of ginger ale but better.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to find in the US. Some stores carry it but naturally, it's expensive because it's imported from Brazil. I was guarana soda was more popular and easier to find in the US. I'm not sure why this hasn't happened yet because it's so delicious. I'm sure the big soda companies will lose a lot of business when guarana soda starts being produced and sold in the US.


I see guarana soda often at South American groceries but I have never tried it. I can't have sugar and I haven't seen a sugar-free guarana soda as of yet. When I do, I'll be sure to try it because it sounds delicious and very beneficial.

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