What Is Franchise Insurance?

Esther Ejim
Esther Ejim
Workers' compensation insurance is legally required in many countries.
Workers' compensation insurance is legally required in many countries.

Owners of a franchise have a number of options in regard to the type of insurance to obtain for their business; however, franchise insurance is the more applicable type of insurance. Despite the apparent implications, franchise insurance is not a type of insurance that applies to all members of a franchise uniformly since the reality is that it is more individual and tailored to the specific requirements of the particular group member being covered. Franchise insurance is often custom-made for franchise owners and may include options like property and liability, group health coverage, worker’s compensation, and auto and delivery.

One of the specific insurance coverages extended to franchise owners under franchise insurance is the coverage for property and liability. Under this type of coverage, the franchise owner is given protection for stated types of loss or damage to his or her property. This coverage also extends to loss that is the result of property theft, including such items like the equipment used in running the franchise or items like furniture. The liability aspect protects the business of the franchise owner in the event of any lawsuit that is the consequence of actions like negligence of the company or injuries that occurred on the franchise property. Another way in which a liability coverage under franchise insurance can benefit a franchise owner is through the provision of coverage for defamation and other related types of infringements.

Through the coverage provided to groups, franchise insurance gives franchise owners the opportunity to allow their employees access to a relatively cheaper form of insurance for them and their families. Such a coverage requires a small stipend from the employees before they can access the promised benefits. The exact type of group coverage plan is up to the franchise owner, since franchise insurance has a number options for such employers.

One of the more important types of insurance employers of labor are legally required to obtain in most countries is a sort of worker’s compensation insurance that ensures that their employees are properly catered to in the event of any injury or illness that occurs while they employed by the company. This type of insurance is also important because it ensures that any health issues of any of the various employees are addressed, limiting health-related loss of man-hours. Auto and delivery protects the franchise in case there is any type of issue flowing from any incident involving the business vehicles belonging to the franchise.

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    • Workers' compensation insurance is legally required in many countries.
      By: Halfpoint
      Workers' compensation insurance is legally required in many countries.