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What Is Fig Vodka?

Angela Farrer
Angela Farrer

Fig vodka is a clear spirit flavored with this dark, rich fruit of the ficus tree. Various vodka makers distill and bottle their own fig vodka recipes for sale to distributors and retailers. Adventurous home mixologists also sometimes make their own batches with unflavored vodka and fresh figs. This unique vodka flavor is frequently noted for its sweet yet refreshing taste. Methods and ingredients for mixing this type of vodka depend on flavor preferences, and some people find the end product has a better taste with the addition of certain spices or other flavoring agents.

Mixed drinks that include fig vodka are usually not as commonplace as those with other vodka flavors, as many people prefer it in chilled straight shots instead. This vodka flavor is usually sweeter than others and sometimes does not combine well with drink mixers such as citrus juices. Some people may prefer one brand of fig vodka over another for chilled shots. Fig vodka is sometimes not as popular as fig wine or fig-infused bourbon, but this spirit definitely has its fans as well.


Infusing plain vodka with this fruit is normally a different process than cooking with figs for other kinds of food or drink recipes. Many experienced vodka makers recommend using figs that are as fresh as possible for the quickest results and the best flavors. Freshly-sliced figs steeped in vodka will often flavor the beverage thoroughly after only one or two days. While dried figs can be used to make this homemade spirit, the process can often take at least three or four weeks in most cases. Vodka infused with figs for less than 24 hours tends to retain more of the spirit's original sharp taste.

Figs growing on the tree.
Figs growing on the tree.

In addition to fresh figs, many amateur vodka makers like to mix in flavorings like mint or vanilla extract. A few drinkers find the sweet flavor of fig vodka too intense and like to add other ingredients. Spicier versions of fig vodka can be achieved with the addition of cloves, cinnamon, or cardamom as some people prefer these spices in order to balance out the sweetness from the fig juices. Vodka mixologists also like to experiment with infusions that include figs roasted to the point of caramelizing. A few recipes even call for additional fruit such as cooked apricots or plums to be mixed with the roasted figs before the vodka is poured over the mixture.

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    • Figs.
    • Figs growing on the tree.
      Figs growing on the tree.
    • Fig vodka.
      By: Roman Sigaev
      Fig vodka.
    • Dried figs.
      By: SK
      Dried figs.
    • A shot of fig vodka.
      By: violetkaipa
      A shot of fig vodka.
    • A little cardamom can spice up a fig vodka.
      By: margo555
      A little cardamom can spice up a fig vodka.