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What is Families Need Fathers?

Anna T.
Anna T.

Families Need Fathers (FNF) is a charitable organization based in the United Kingdom that is devoted to helping estranged parents maintain contact with their children after a divorce or separation. In the majority of cases, the estranged parents are usually the fathers; hence the name of the organization. In spite of its name, Families Need Fathers also helps mothers and grandparents maintain regular contact with children after their families have been broken apart. The organization does everything it can to ensure that children are given equal time with both parents and to prevent a parent with custody from disallowing contact between the child and the non-custodial parent.

In the United Kingdom, Families Need Fathers is a very big part of both politics and the media. It is the organization that most parents turn to when they feel that they are not being allowed adequate time with their kids after a divorce. Families Need Fathers typically acts as the middle man in such cases. There are occasionally circumstances when the parent with custody might attempt to defy a court order in an effort to prevent sharing a child with the other parent. Families Need Fathers often steps in and handles these matters through communication between both parents so that court involvement is not necessary.

A father and daughter.
A father and daughter.

Families Need Fathers was formed in May of 1974 by two fathers who were concerned about the effect of the law on families. These men did not feel that it was fair for the justice system to be able to take away the rights of a parent to see his child regularly, and they strongly felt that every child benefited most from having two parents in their lives rather than just one. The organization grew in popularity over the years and has seen many changes since its formation in 1974. As of 2010, it is the most popular charitable organization for parents and children affected by divorce and separation in the U.K.

A person who is interested in contacting Families Need Fathers for help with his or her current family situation may do so by contacting the helpline, participating in a local branch meeting, or posting in the forum on the Families Need Fathers website. In addition to providing help to families, the organization also welcomes volunteers. It encourages donations and fund raising efforts, and people who decide to become members are invited to help the organization in a variety of ways. Answering calls for the helpline and setting up local branches are just a few of the things that organization volunteers do on a regular basis.

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    • A father and daughter.
      By: dubova
      A father and daughter.