What is Enterprise Content Management?

Carol Francois

Enterprise content management is a software product that manages written documents. This type of software is most commonly found in large corporations or institutions. The requirement for this type of software grew from the use of word processing programs to develop content and the need to manage this process with a large number of editors and contributors.

In a website enterprise content management system, documents are stored and maintained on a web server.
In a website enterprise content management system, documents are stored and maintained on a web server.

There are two classes of enterprise content management solutions: website content management and business process content management. Both classes provide a standard set of features and functionality designed to improve the management of documents, editing, versioning, and approvals. The actual implementation of these concepts differs between the two options. This has an impact on the transparency and business process required to use these systems.

In a website enterprise content management system, the result of the workflow is published on the company’s website. All the documents, drafts, and versions are stored and maintained on a web server. To access this system, users go onto the Internet and access the company’s website. They enter a user name and password to view the content they are responsible for creating, editing and approving.

Each document that is going to be published on the website must be created in this system. The article writer then submits it to the team for editing. Different users can access the document, edit, and save their changes. The software tracks the changes made by each person and keeps the versions in the proper order.

At the end of the editing process, the document is submitted to the approver for review. The approver reviews the final draft version and is able to see all the edits and changes made and by whom. Upon approval, the document is published to the website.

The business process enterprise content management system is set up on a networked document server and is located behind the corporate firewall. Access is granted based on your position and level of responsibility. In this environment, the documents are all stored in word processing software, allowing users to easily utilizing existing tools to meet the requirements.

The documents can be template- or forms-based and are stored in a shared repository. Users access the templates and update them as needed. Upon completion, the documents are posted to the shared directory and a notification is sent to the next person in the business process. They review and edit the document as needed. Upon completion, the document is approved and no further changes can be made.

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