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What Is Energy Tapping?

Helena Reimer
Helena Reimer

Energy tapping is a form of energy psychology that can help heal emotional and physical ailments. It is a combination of tapping the meridian points while reciting positive affirmations to clear away problems. When done correctly, the energy tapping techniques can help a person overcome a poor self-image, eating disorders, and anxiety. The techniques can help heal emotional scars as well as give strength to deal with the present and courage to face the future.

Along with energy tapping, there are several other types of energy psychologies, such as Thought Field Therapy and Be Set Free Fast. Energy tapping is also known as an Emotional Freedom Technique and is commonly abbreviated as EFT. It is based on two other types of therapies known as acupressure and acupuncture, which have been practiced in Chinese medicine for more than 5,000 years. The exact way in which energy therapy works is unknown, but it said to release the strength needed for the body and mind to heal itself.

Acupressure is one type of energy healing technique.
Acupressure is one type of energy healing technique.

The meridian points for energy tapping are located on the upper part of the body, including the top of the head, around the eyes and mouth, and by the collar bone. They are also found on the wrists and at the fingertips. Therefore, for best results, it is encouraged to always use the fingertips for the tapping as opposed to the finger pads. The tapping can be done with two or more fingers of either hand as well as on either side of the body. A typical tapping session lasts only a few minutes as each point only needs about five to seven taps before moving on to the next point.

As the tapping is performed, it is important to focus on one specific problem while reciting a positive affirmation around that particular problem. The problem can be anything, such as a fear, a disturbing memory, or a physical pain. A positive outlook along with the tapping can help destroy the negative energies around the problem and create a new flow of energy to help the situation. For best results, energy tapping should be done several times per day, especially upon rising and before going to bed. Due to its simplicity, it can also be carried out before meals or at any time during the day when a spare moment becomes available.

One of the main benefits of energy therapy is that it is less painful than many other forms of therapies. It can be done in the comfort of the home as well as in public once the energy tapping strategies have been mastered. Not only can energy tapping help a person overcome emotional and physical pain, but it can also help increase energy levels, motivation, and the desire to succeed in life.

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    • Acupressure is one type of energy healing technique.
      By: lunamarina
      Acupressure is one type of energy healing technique.