What is Distance Reiki?

Amanda Barnhart
Amanda Barnhart
People practicing reiki may light candles to promote a relaxing atmosphere.
People practicing reiki may light candles to promote a relaxing atmosphere.

Distance reiki is a practice in which a reiki practitioner sends energy to another living being or situation that she is not in direct contact with. Traditional reiki sessions typically involve the practitioner placing her hands near the recipient's body in different positions to channel and guide the flow of universal energy through the clients body or chakras. Reiki is considered a spiritual energy, but distance reiki practitioners believe it is not necessary to be physically close to the recipient in order to send the healing and soothing benefits of reiki energy.

Reiki practitioners perform distance reiki sessions via telephone, computer, or even across a room. Some practitioners even send reiki energy to pets, situations, or past or future events instead of individuals as a way of healing and bringing peace. Energy can be sent to individuals who do not know they are being targeted with positive reiki energy, but most practitioners prefer the person to be aware and receptive to the session in order to receive the most benefits because reiki relies on an open mind and spirit.

Most people who practice reiki do not focus on using the energy to solve a specific problem or encourage a certain outcome for a situation. Instead, they focus on encouraging the recipient to be open to the energy and allow healing, peace, and relaxation to soothe their minds and spirits. Distance reiki practitioners often do not speak during the session, but they generally encourage the recipient to lie down in a comfortable position and do whatever else they need to do to feel relaxed, such as light candles or play soothing music, while the practitioner focus on sending the energy to them.

Some reiki masters prefer to use a surrogate during distance sessions. This may involve using a stuffed animal or doll, and the practitioner will place her hands in the traditional poses above the surrogates body as she would if she were performing an in-person session. Others simply visualize the recipient in the room, or concentrate on a photo of the client or an object that belongs to him to help the master channel energy to that individual across long distances.

Recipients of distance reiki sessions report varying experiences. Some claim they can feel the heat or energy from the reiki master's hands, even though they were not in the same room. Others may see lights or colors, experience slight temperature changes, or simply feel a deep relaxation. While there is little scientific evidence on the benefits of reiki, particularly distance treatments, there are no side effects or potential problems associated with the treatment.

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    • People practicing reiki may light candles to promote a relaxing atmosphere.
      By: Ruta Saulyte
      People practicing reiki may light candles to promote a relaxing atmosphere.