What Is Deep-Fried Chocolate?

Valerie Goldberg
Valerie Goldberg
Squares of dark chocolate.
Squares of dark chocolate.

"Deep-fried chocolate" is a term that refers to a candy bar or chocolate snack that is prepared using a deep-fryer. A person also can deep-fry chocolate products in a pan with sizzling oil if he or she does not own a deep-fryer. Flour typically is used to make a batter to coat the outside of the treats, so they have an exterior similar to funnel cake when they are finished. Finished deep-fried chocolate desserts are often topped with powdered sugar.

Chocolate candy bars made in deep-fryers are popular at fairs and carnivals.
Chocolate candy bars made in deep-fryers are popular at fairs and carnivals.

If a person wants to try a deep-fried chocolate treat before attempting to make one at home, then he or she may want to visit a fair, boardwalk or carnival, where such items are often staples. One of the most popular deep-fried chocolate treats sold in a carnival setting is the deep-fried candy bar. Deep-fried candy bars are usually sold on a stick, making them easy for festival patrons to eat while checking out other attractions. Almost any type of candy bar can be deep-fried, though bars that are shaped more like a tube of chocolate with filling inside may be easier to fit on the stick than flat bars that are predominantly chocolate.

Some restaurants also participate in the deep-fried chocolate craze by offering a variety of chocolate deep-fried desserts on their menus. Some venues have deep-fried candy bars in a dish with ice cream on the side. Deep-fried chocolate cheesecake with whipped cream on top is another common restaurant offering. Many Japanese restaurants have chocolate ice cream deep-fried as an after-dinner option. Some higher-end restaurants serve up deep-fried truffle chocolates for dessert.

When deep-frying chocolate at home, one should practice caution. Children should have adult supervision and should not use a deep-fryer on their own. Creating deep-fried chocolate treats is a messy task, so people should be sure to have plenty of napkins and paper towels on hand before starting to fry. It is recommended that home cooks freeze or refrigerate the chocolate bars before frying them.

Deep-fried cookie dough with chocolate chips also is popular in the fried chocolate dessert trend. Homemade cookie dough or store-bought dough can be used to create this snack. A deep-fried chocolate chip cookie dough ball can be eaten by hand like a standard cookie once it is finished. A person also can serve fried cookie dough balls to guests like a sundae in a bowl with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

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Chocolate or not, always be careful when deep frying. I've gotten burned several times when working on the stove, such as when I was frying dish one day. Overall, though I'm not saying that you should seek out kitchen injuries, it's funny how those things are part of living and learning. If you want to be a really good cook, there are going to be accidents, slip ups, failures, cuts and burns. However, those aren't meant to discourage. It's just all part of the process.


@Viranty - Well yes, that would happen, but in this case, the difference is that the chocolate is made and prepared using the deep fryer.

Deep fried chocolate cheesecake? Wow, I had no idea. Overall, I've never tried deep fried chocolate, but I'll definitely give it a try one of these days. Maybe they're served at amusement parks, so I'll go and visit there this summer.


Just a thought, but how is deep fried chocolate made? After all, considering how chocolate melts very easily, wouldn't that happen when you fry it?

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    • Squares of dark chocolate.
      By: Andris T
      Squares of dark chocolate.
    • Chocolate candy bars made in deep-fryers are popular at fairs and carnivals.
      By: Bombaert Patrick
      Chocolate candy bars made in deep-fryers are popular at fairs and carnivals.