What Is Decorative Wire Mesh?

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith
Wire mesh can be used on windows and doors to keep out harmful insects.
Wire mesh can be used on windows and doors to keep out harmful insects.

Decorative wire mesh is a series of wires that have been woven together in a wide variety of patterns, sizes, and gauges. This mesh is often referred to as architectural mesh and metallic fabric. It can be used to reinforce design elements, or to create new aesthetically pleasing visual interests in an architectural space.

This type of product can be used for virtually any application to suit the needs of the purchaser. Decorative wire mesh may be found indoors, used as paneling along stairways, in open window frames, and beneath railings. Outdoors, this mesh can be used for industrial purposes, like protective fencing, as well as additional railing and stairway support, as plant support structures in ornamental gardening, and as screening around outdoor porches.

Customers interested in purchasing decorative wire mesh can typically find a limited selection available at local hardware stores. Wider selections are often available through Internet ordering direct from wiring manufacturers. Each roll of mesh ordered in this fashion is typically cut to the sizing measurements provided by the purchaser prior to shipment.

Decorative wire mesh is often divided into purchasing categories based on the type of material from which the design was constructed. Popular choices include copper, bronze, aluminum, and steel. Each material is then subdivided into categories based on the amount of open space allowed by the design. This tells the purchaser how wide the openings are between the mesh, as well as an indication of its overall density. Individuals interested in purchasing mesh for protective or security reasons may wish to browse products with a low percentage of available open space. Those looking for interior mesh panels may prefer open designs with a high percentage of available space.

Categories of available decorative wire mesh are then broken down based on cable and rod measurements. Cables and rods are the pieces used to weave each design together. These can vary in size from 0.75 millimeters to 9 millimeters. Manufacturers may also provide the pitch of these integral pieces, indicating to the purchaser the type of slant provided throughout the overall design. These measurements help purchasers to understand the weight and movement of the metal materials they are buying. Small cables and rods with a low degree of pitch tend to create a movable material that is similar to fabric, and can be hung or draped across wide openings. Thick cables and rods with a medium degree of pitch are more frequently used in fixed applications, such as paneling along stairs and railways.

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    • Wire mesh can be used on windows and doors to keep out harmful insects.
      By: demarfa
      Wire mesh can be used on windows and doors to keep out harmful insects.