What is Cream Cheese Dip?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Cream cheese dips are dips that make use of cream cheese as the core ingredient. A cream cheese dip may be prepared as a dessert dip that is ideal for serving with strawberries and other types of fruit. It is also possible to prepare a cream cheese dip that includes meats, vegetables and some type of shredded cheese in the recipe. In most cases, a cream cheese recipe will call for chilling the prepared dip, although there are a few examples of dips made with cream cheese that are served hot.

Cream cheese can be combined with crushed pineapple to make a delicious fruit dip.
Cream cheese can be combined with crushed pineapple to make a delicious fruit dip.

One simple way to create a cream cheese dip for use with cut fruit is to combine softened cream cheese with crushed pineapple. In order to maintain a dip like consistency, it is necessary to drain the majority of the juice from the pineapple. Allow the cream cheese to warm to room temperature, then combine the pineapple with a small amount of the juice. Chill the recipe at least a half hour before serving.

Bell peppers are sometimes added to more-spicy varieties of cream cheese dip.
Bell peppers are sometimes added to more-spicy varieties of cream cheese dip.

For something more festive and hot, making use of taco seasonings, peppers, and other ingredients will create a cream cheese dip that is ideal for serving with corn or tortilla chips. After spreading a layer of softened cream cheese in the bottom of an oblong baking dish, crumble and brown hamburger meat in a skillet. Drain off the excess grease. Add chopped onion and bell pepper to the hamburger and continue to cook on low heat until the onions begin to soften.

After the hamburger meat is browned, toss in a packet of taco seasonings. Mix the ingredients until the meat and vegetables are coated thoroughly by the seasonings. Spoon the meat mixture onto the cream cheese, taking care to create an even layer. Once the hamburger is in place, add a layer of chunky salsa, then top with a layer of shredded cheddar or mozzarella cheese.

Since this is a hot cream cheese dip, place the filled baking dish in an oven. Heat the mixture until the top layer of cheese is melted. For the best results, heat the hamburger and cream cheese dip just before serving. The mixture of spices, meat, and cheese make this dip ideal for use with dip sized corn chips or salted tortilla chips.

There are many different recipes for cream cheese dip. Any brand of cream cheese will do, although many consumers prefer to use Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Some make use of simple ingredients such as cucumber and mint. Others include seafood, such as minced clams. Still others may make use of nuts, such as a simple cream cheese dip that is whipped with a small amount of sugar and topped with praline pecans and a small amount of sauce. Whatever the preferences of the family, there is at least one cream cheese dip that will be ideal for any occasion.

Some cream cheese dips include cucumber.
Some cream cheese dips include cucumber.
Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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My mom puts mashed avocados in cream cheese to make a dip. She can't get me to eat it though because I hate cream cheese dip with veggies. Spinach and artichoke cream cheese dips are my nightmare.

My all-time favorite dip is chocolate cream cheese. It's a combination of butter, chocolate, cream cheese, vanilla and sugar. Sometimes I also put in a little bit of sour cream. It tastes like European cake frosting and it's great with crackers, or French bread. It is fattening though, so I don't make it very often.


@SarahGen-- The easiest dip I know is just a combination of softened cream cheese and spicy salsa. You can warm it up a little bit in the microwave and serve with tortilla chips. It's very easy, but tastes very good. People always talk about this dip at parties and they can't believe how easy it is to make it.

It's better if you make your own salsa for it, but if you don't have the time, just grab a jar of salsa from the store. I like mine spicy and I think it works well in this dip because the cream cheese has a mild flavor. But you can use any kind of salsa you want.

If you're a fan of crab, you can also make an easy crab cream cheese dip. It's as simple as the salsa recipe. You just need to add crab meat to softened cream cheese and add seasoning.


I need a very easy and quick cream cheese dip idea. I like the one in the article with meat, salsa and cheese but I need something even easier. Any ideas?

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