What is Country Interior Design?

Harriette Halepis
Harriette Halepis
The antlers of moose, deer or reindeer may be used in country interior design.
The antlers of moose, deer or reindeer may be used in country interior design.

Country interior design includes American, French, and English country styles. A country interior design space is often relaxed, purposeful, and simple. Rarely are country-inspired homes uptight or uncomfortable, since the main purpose of a country space is to create a livable environment. Country style interior design is often a mesh of English, French, and American country decor, though designers also tend to separate the three into distinct styles.

French country design is largely inspired by the South of France. Colors that are abundant within the south of France include deep purples, yellows reminiscent of sunflowers, and blue hues that evoke the seaside. French country fabrics are often strewn with small flower patterns, and some patterns also include small bird-like animals.

French country furniture is basic, though it is often massive. It is not uncommon to see a large wooden table or a four-post bed within a French country space. In contrast to French country interior design, English country design tends to be a bit more rustic. The English country color palette often includes deep reds, dark greens, and bits of bark-inspired brown.

Since the English countryside is dotted with old estates and hunting grounds, this imagery also makes its way into English country interior design. To complete the English country look, fabrics used to decorate an English country space often depict dark floral patterns and small animals. English country furniture includes deep cheery and mahogany pieces that are often large in size and structure. One of the main distinctions between English country and French country styles is the fact that English country furniture tends to be overstuffed.

American country interior design is quite different from both English and French country design. American country motifs can be traced back to simplistic pioneer days. Furniture based upon this design scheme is often simple, rustic, and smaller in size than English or French country furniture. Dining room tables tend to be round, rather than square, in nature, and leather upholstered living room furniture is quite common. In addition, it is not uncommon to see moose, deer, or reindeer antlers displayed within an American country living room space.

To create an optimal country interior design theme, combine all three styles together. This can be done by collecting various items from estate sales and antique markets. All three design types frequently include antiques, though modern furniture should be kept out of any classic country design theme.

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The house I moved into with my parents back in 1987 has elements of an American country interior design style. The living room has brown shelving and cabinets that extend from the floor to the ceiling along one side of the wall. The wallpaper behind the shelves is what makes it American country.

The continuous pattern across the wallpaper is a design of wildlife in a marshy, wooded area. Ducks sit in ponds and fly over the water. Deer stand alert to noises only they can hear. The background color is a yellowish biege, and the animals and plants are a dark mahogany.

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    • The antlers of moose, deer or reindeer may be used in country interior design.
      By: Erni
      The antlers of moose, deer or reindeer may be used in country interior design.