What Is Comb Mascara?

Lainie Petersen

Comb mascara is a cosmetic designed to thicken, lengthen, and color eyelashes using an eyelash comb applicator. Some types of comb mascara come with an applicator that is simply an eyelash comb, while other applicators may be composed of three combs, each on a different side of the applicator wand. Another style of comb mascara applicator is a hybrid with an eyelash comb on one side and a standard brush on the other. The actual formulation of the mascara can vary from brand to brand, and users may find that they can find comb-applicator mascara in a variety of colors as well as waterproof and standard formulations.

Many people wear mascara on a daily basis to improve their appearance.
Many people wear mascara on a daily basis to improve their appearance.

Many people use mascara on a daily basis, as it can significantly improve a person's appearance. The cosmetic works by enhancing the eyelashes, which can draw attention to the eyes and in many cases make them look larger. One difficulty that many mascara users complain of is that mascara can cause eyelashes to clump together, and this can create lashes that look spiky and artificial. To address this problem, many mascara users use a separate tool called an eyelash comb to comb out their lashes immediately after applying mascara. The process of combing separates the lashes, removes clumps, and gives the wearer a more natural look.

Mascara should enhance a person's eye color.
Mascara should enhance a person's eye color.

For many people who use makeup, the extra step of combing lashes represents an inconvenience. In response to this problem, cosmetic manufacturers frequently attempt to develop new types of mascara applicators. One option is comb mascara, in which the applicator and comb are one and the same. The idea is that the eyelashes can actually be combed and separated even as the mascara is applied.

One thing to consider is that, while the applicator can comb out lashes while a person is using mascara, the mascara itself plays a significant role in how it is going to look on the eyelashes. The use of a comb applicator cannot make up for a poorly formulated mascara. In addition, some cosmetics experts believe that it is really not possible to combine the steps of application and combing. Instead, they have found that comb mascara causes lashes to clump, because the comb is not able to properly apply mascara to individual lashes the same way that a traditional applicator brush can.

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Comb mascara is great for removing clumps, however, it doesn't work so well for building up the eyelashes with multiple coats.

Here is a tip if you like to build up your lashes but also prefer using comb mascara. Try using a mascara with a brush to apply several coats of mascara. Next, follow up by using a mascara with a comb for your final coat. This will allow you to easily separate your lashes and remove clumps.

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