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What Is Cinnamon Roll Frosting?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Cinnamon roll frosting is a confection that was created for topping cinnamon rolls to make them even more delicious. Frosting can be made in a number of ways or it can be purchased. A recipe for frosting may require some cooking or may simply require mixing specific ingredients. Cinnamon roll frosting can be subtle or extra sweet.

Often available in different textures and flavors, icing can be applied in several ways to enhance the flavor of cinnamon rolls. There are many different types of cinnamon roll frosting. From prepackaged options and mixes to homemade recipes, there is something for every taste.

Cinnamon frosting is flavored with the spice.
Cinnamon frosting is flavored with the spice.

While some people may prefer a light glaze, others tend to prefer a thick, rich cinnamon roll frosting. There are a number of varieties from which to choose such as buttercream or cream cheese frosting. A simple glaze can be made from confectioner’s sugar, also known as powdered sugar, and a bit of milk. Continue adding milk until the desired consistency is achieved. Such a glaze can be drizzled onto warm cinnamon rolls so it melts right into the rolls and forms a shiny coating.

For something a bit richer, one can add softened butter and a bit of vanilla extract to the confectioner’s sugar. The latter recipe can also be amended to include cream cheese instead of butter. Once it has been mixed smooth, the cinnamon roll frosting can be used to top the rolls while they are still warm slightly warm. If they are too warm, the frosting will just melt.

Prepackaged or ready-to-bake rolls often come with their own cinnamon roll frosting. Boxed styles may or may not include their own icing but some nay include recipes. Packages of baking mix may have recipes on them for a number of items including cinnamon rolls as well as cinnamon roll frosting.

Check for recipes in magazines, cookbooks, and online. Many sites offer great recipes including sites that have instructions for “knock off” recipes that attempt to recreate famous name recipes. There may be one for a favorite brand of cinnamon rolls that includes the special cinnamon roll frosting.

A can of ready-to-serve cake frosting can also be used to top cinnamon rolls or sweet rolls. Boxed frosting mix might be a good choice as well. One might look for vanilla, buttercream, or cream cheese flavors to try out on the next batch of rolls.

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    • Cinnamon frosting is flavored with the spice.
      By: baibaz
      Cinnamon frosting is flavored with the spice.