What is Chakra Therapy?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen
Gemstones, which are sometimes used for chakra therapy.
Gemstones, which are sometimes used for chakra therapy.

Chakra therapy is a type of treatment that may take a number of different forms, all of which are intended to help a person cleanse their chakras. These can often be administered as color therapy, light therapy, and through the use of crystals or gems. The intention of such forms of chakra therapy is to help a person balance his or her chakras to help with an affliction, malady, or other physical or psychological condition that is causing the person duress. The type of problem affecting the person will often determine which chakra needs to be focused on, and may also influence the type of chakra therapy that is used.

According to those who practice chakra therapy, the human body has seven chakras that act as vortexes of energy and affect various physiological and psychological aspects of a person. The seven chakras are the root, at the base of the spine; spleen or splenic chakra, below the navel; solar plexus, just above the navel; heart, at the chest; throat, in the middle of the neck; the third eye, at a person’s brow; and the crown, at the top of the head. These seven chakras all have corresponding colors, attributes, and harmonic frequencies that help govern them and ensure that they remain balanced and keep a person healthy.

Chakra therapy seeks to use the colors and attributes associated with the various chakras to help a person keep his or her chakras in balance. These types of treatments are also sometimes referred to as chakra balancing or cleansing, and have been practiced for hundreds of years. Color therapy involves the use of colors to help a person keep his or her chakras balanced. Each chakra from top to bottom corresponds to a color in the light spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. By using these colors in a variety of ways, the chakras are focused upon and cleansed to help alleviate what is causing a person distress or discomfort.

Light therapy is a common form of chakra therapy and typically involves the use of colored light to help focus on a person’s chakras and balance them. Full spectrum lights are also often used to bathe a person in light of every color, and allow him or her to be cleansed by the light. Crystals and gemstones are often used as well, with the color of the crystal typically associated with the chakra of the same color. These are often placed upon the person at the location of the chakra and used to draw out anything that may be affecting the person negatively.

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    • Gemstones, which are sometimes used for chakra therapy.
      By: Sergey Lavrentev
      Gemstones, which are sometimes used for chakra therapy.