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What Is Bespoke Packaging?

Kristie Lorette
Kristie Lorette

Bespoke packaging is custom made packaging. The term packaging can describe shipping boxes and containers used to transport goods from one place to another. It can also describe the container of a good, which protects the product inside and contains the branding image for the company that sells the product.

There are typically two primary purposes for bespoke packaging. The first purpose is to fit the product or item safely and securely inside, usually in the case when the item needs to be shipped or moved in some way. The second primary purpose is for branding or marketing purposes.

Bespoke packaging is custom made packaging.
Bespoke packaging is custom made packaging.

When an item does not fit in a standard sized box or container, then bespoke packaging may be required. For example, a motorcycle manufacturer that has to ship motorcycles from its manufacturing plant in Indiana to dealers in China may have to have special shipping containers made. Not only will the bespoke packaging have to fit the motorcycles, but the packaging will also need to protect the motorcycle from damage during transport.

Primarily, bespoke packaging is designed to promote and market the product inside., for example, use Amazon branded shipping boxes to ship orders that are placed on the website. Not only does the recipient recognize the Amazon branded shipping package when it arrives at their door, but the Amazon brand is exposed to anyone and everyone who sees the package along the delivery route.

Custom packaging for products sitting on store shelves have a triple purpose too. The custom packaging most likely protects the product or holds the product together. For example, a spice company may have bespoke packaging created in the form of the shaker. The shaker contains the spice on the inside, the brand name and ingredients of the spice company on the outside. The package design allows the spice to sit securely on the shelf and even contains the UPC code so it can be scanned for purchase during checkout.

Bespoke packaging allows companies to get creative with their designs. For example, each coffee creamer that is sold in the local grocery store has a slightly different shape than its competitors. The wrap around the bottle is also specially designed to carry the color scheme, logo and overall branding look and feel of the company that sells it. In short, bespoke packaging is unique packaging that sets a product apart from the other products that are the same or similar to it.

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    • Bespoke packaging is custom made packaging.
      By: Monkey Business
      Bespoke packaging is custom made packaging.