What Is Bespoke Glass?

Eugene P.

Bespoke glass is, simply put, glass that is made to order. Custom glass can be made by glassblowing, floating, casting or any other number of processes. The goal is to create a piece of glass that fits the dimensional and aesthetic specifications of the customer. Glass is used in so many aspects that bespoke glass pieces can be found in nearly every type of space.

Sheets of glass.
Sheets of glass.

One area where bespoke glass is more prominently employed is in the interior design industry. Here, the glass can be formed into special shapes to fit into non-standard areas. It also can be reinforced and crafted so it can be used in non-traditional ways. Examples of bespoke glass in interior design include glass stairs, skylights in custom shapes and shower doors that are unique in shape or function.

Glass blower heating glass in a kiln.
Glass blower heating glass in a kiln.

The restaurant industry has been using bespoke glass for a long time. Bespoke dinnerware such as crystal stemware or plates can be created to exacting specifications and then can be artistically etched. Designers who are creating a theme for a restaurant often employ this kind of custom control of the dinnerware to further their theme.

Architects who are creating innovative buildings rely on custom glass to help complete the look of their designs. Windows that need to curve or have a special thickness are all within the realm of custom glass makers. The glass itself can be manipulated so the amount of light passing through it is reduced or in some way modified to create a particular effect on the inside space.

Artisan glass makers are often used to create artistic installations from glass. These can be intricate chandeliers that hold lights or iconic sculptures that are the fixture of a lobby or display area. Bespoke glass is sometimes used as a backdrop for a water fixture, or as a way to help expand the perceived space of the inside of a room.

On a smaller scale, bespoke glass jewelry is popular. This involves a glass maker, sometimes using a torch, sculpting a piece of jewelry from small glass rods or other pieces. Bespoke glass jewelry can be anything from a ring to earrings to lapel pins to necklaces. The flexibility of glass in this regard can give the jewelry a wide range of distinct appearances.

Bespoke glassblowers also can make stunning glassware. From vases to ornamental bowls, a talented glassblower is able to create shapes that bend light and create an ambiance around a piece. The glass can be tinted and colored, with textural elements added to create different illusions that meet the customer's specifications.

A bespoke wine glass.
A bespoke wine glass.

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