What is Banana Milk?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Banana milk is a blend of banana and milk to create a banana flavored milk beverage. It is very popular in Korea and Japan, and it is consumed in numerous other parts of the world as well. Some Americans have fond memories of this beverage as a summertime drink when ice cream was too expensive or unavailable, for example. This beverage is typically made at home, although it can also be purchased in prepared forms from some markets.

Bunch of bananas.
Bunch of bananas.

Classically, banana milk includes a banana and a glass of milk, with a dash of vanilla. It is ideally prepared in a blender to ensure that the banana is truly pureed, and some people add a little bit of sugar as well. It can be served plain or sprinkled with cinnamon, and some people like it over cereal as well. To make something more like a cold milkshake, some people throw in a few pieces of ice.

Classic banana milk combines a glass of milk with a banana, with a dash of vanilla.
Classic banana milk combines a glass of milk with a banana, with a dash of vanilla.

Some people find banana milk very refreshing and pleasant to drink, comparing it to other thickened dairy-based beverages like kefir. When ice is added, it can be especially enjoyable during the hot summer months. It can also be used to add flavor to things like oatmeal or cream of wheat, in which case it is typically poured over the food once it has been cooked.

Nutritionally, banana milk can be beneficial. Bananas are high in potassium, vitamin C, fiber, manganese, and vitamin B6. Many athletes like to eat bananas as part of a balanced diet, partially because an increased uptake of potassium can help to reduce muscle cramping after exercise. Milk can also be nutritionally beneficial, especially when it is fortified with calcium and vitamin D. When banana milk is drunk plain, without sugar, it can be a healthy and enjoyable snack food.

If you don't have access to a blender, you can still make banana milk, although the texture might not be as smooth. You can mash a banana up with a fork, spoon, or potato masher and then slowly add milk to the mashed banana to make a thick drink. If you have a fine sieve, ricer, or food mill, you can use it to create banana puree by forcing a very ripe banana through the screen.

Some people find banana milk refreshing and pleasant to drink.
Some people find banana milk refreshing and pleasant to drink.
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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Banana milk is awesome! I too had this stuff on a trip overseas and I have found some in the aluminum lined boxes at an Asian market in Tacoma Wa. I have not found it anywhere else.

It is absolutely delicious with cereal for the most proper of munchies. Oh, do I miss banana milk.


This is what works well with me. The perfect morning energizer: milk cocktail with banana. I find this combination awesome and healthy. Well, I'm not into heavy breakfasts!


Banana milk is available in Maine from Smiling Hill Dairy in Westbrook. You can get it at Hannaford stores and many smaller retailers.


Banana milk is in the states. The Meat House grocery store in Chelmsford, Mass. carries it. Picked some up today.


You can get banana milk in both Iraq and Afganistan at any DFAC. It can be kept on a shelf and only needs to be cooled before you drink it (if at all). You can't find it in the States and we think we are cutting edge.


Nestle Nesquik is available in banana flavor (banana milk).


i found banana milk in canada. n_n


they do have banana milk in the us :)

check the asian markets like your local h mart.


does any one know how to make banana milk with out using a banana? maybe with banana extract, vanilla extract and milk?


I started drinking banana milk in the Middle East and brought some home for my kids to drink--they loved it, and said they couldn't wait for me to go back again so they could have more! I was disappointed that it's not available in the U.S., but I'll try this recipe.


I grew up in Korea drinking banana milk and was disappointed when I moved to the states and saw that the US didn't sell any. I'm definitely going to try to make it myself now (I didn't know it was that simple to make) thanks!


to Skim4Life, if I eat food and poo comes out, can I say I ate poo?


Is giving Banana milk to a one year child or younger is advisable or not? How do I make it more interesting to eat?


Frankly, I think this can only be an acceptable excuse for banana milk if you do not have access to/cannot afford a blender. If you are trying this hard for banana milk, you probably remember it fondly because you couldn't afford ice cream and therefore probably still can't afford a blender. So, in this case, I will allow it. Thanks!


If I eat a banana and drink a glass of milk, because there is an active mixing of the two in my stomach, can I say I had banana milk?

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