What Is Baked Raspberry Cheesecake?

G. Wiesen

Baked raspberry cheesecake is a dessert that is typically made using cream cheese and eggs, often with raspberry syrup or fresh fruit mixed into it. There are a number of ways in which this can be made, though it typically involves a lightly baked graham cracker crust. Raspberries can be used in the filling itself, though raspberry sauce may be preferred to maintain the light and creamy texture, and this is frequently baked using a water bath. Once the baked raspberry cheesecake has cooled, additional raspberry syrup and fresh fruit can be used to top the dish before serving.

Frozen raspberries can be used to make raspberry cheesecake.
Frozen raspberries can be used to make raspberry cheesecake.

There are usually two major elements to a baked raspberry cheesecake, which are the crust and the filling. Crusts for this type of dessert are typically made from crushed graham crackers, though other types of cookies and similar products can be used. This is combined with melted butter and then pushed into a pan or dish in which the baked raspberry cheesecake is going to be made, often a springform pan. The crust is usually baked for a short time to help it set and keep its form once filled with the rest of the cheesecake, though this is not the "baking" referred to in the name of the dish.

Filling for a baked raspberry cheesecake often begins with some cream cheese that is allowed to sit at room temperature until soft. This is mixed with other ingredients such as eggs, egg yolks, and sugar to form the filling. Raspberry sauce is often made using frozen raspberries, sugar, and some cornstarch and water for the right consistency. This is added to the filling to give it a strong raspberry flavor, although it can be added once the rest of the filling is in the crust and then mixed lightly to give the dish a marbled appearance. Fresh raspberries can be used within the filling, though this may interfere with the light and creamy texture of the dish.

The baked raspberry cheesecake is then placed in an oven and cooked until the filling sets, which often requires a fairly long bake at low temperatures. Although not mandatory, many chefs and bakers prefer to use a water bath with a cheesecake, to help it steam and keep it from drying out and cracking. This is done by placing the dish the cheesecake is in into a pan of water, though the water does not directly touch the dessert itself. The baked raspberry cheesecake is then allowed to cool and it can be topped with more raspberry syrup and fresh fruit prior to serving.

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@donasmrs-- For an interesting twist on your baked raspberry cheesecake, you can replace some of the cream cheese with ricotta cheese. Or you could use only ricotta as the cheese. The resulting cheesecake is lighter and thanks to the tang from the raspberries, better for those who are not fond of very sweet desserts.


@donasmrs-- Chocolate, white chocolate and lemon are the most popular flavors for raspberry cheesecake. I don't make cheesecake at home but I love eating it! So I always try different recipes at restaurants.

I think the most common flavor for raspberry cheesecake is white chocolate. Chocolate and lemon are also very common and they both team up very well with raspberries, regardless of the dessert. I don't which ingredients these recipes require for the flavor but I know that they turn out good.


I love baked raspberry cheesecake with fresh raspberries or raspberry jam. I usually make it for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. It's always a hit with the guests and people always ask me for the recipe. I actually use a basic cheesecake recipe.

I want to experiment with my raspberry cheesecake and other flavors. I'm not sure which flavors would go well with raspberry though. Does anyone here have any ideas? Have you made a raspberry cheesecake with other flavors? Which flavor combinations turned out great?

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