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What is Baby Insomnia?

Kasey James
Kasey James

Baby insomnia is a term used for when a baby is not sleeping through the night or getting enough sleep in a 24-hour period. There are several reasons for baby insomnia. Some babies are not on a good feeding schedule or have colic, or the insomnia could have to do with their environment. Baby insomnia could lead to an unhappy and exhausted baby or fatigued parents.

Every baby is different and will display her own sleep patterns. Depending on the baby's age, there is a certain amount of sleep she should get each day and night. A pediatrician can give parents proper recommendations based on their baby's age. If the baby is not sleeping the amount of hours recommended each day or night, this may be baby insomnia.

Baby insomnia might occur is a baby is not well-fed before sleep.
Baby insomnia might occur is a baby is not well-fed before sleep.

Some babies have trouble eating or drinking their milk. If a baby has an irregular feeding schedule, this may play a part in the baby insomnia. A baby should drink a good amount of formula or breast milk before going to sleep. If the baby is not full, then hunger may be waking her up early.

A baby that has been diagnosed with colic or acid reflux may develop baby insomnia. A pediatrician will diagnose some babies with these medical conditions. Since these conditions could cause the baby to be in pain or be uncomfortable, she may cry and want to be comforted during the regular sleep times. Babies with colic or acid reflux often has difficulty getting on a regular sleep pattern.

Colic may cause baby insomnia.
Colic may cause baby insomnia.

Sometimes baby insomnia has to do with simple environmental factors. Some babies sleep better with white noise, while others need it to be silent. Each baby is also different when it comes to the amount of darkness in the room. Making a few simple changes, such as adjusting the noise level or the amount of light, can help with insomnia.

The effects of insomnia can cause a baby to be irritable and clingy to a parent and have trouble in other areas such as eating and playtime. Talking to a licensed pediatrician is one of the best ways to get ideas about baby insomnia. A pediatrician may also want to check the baby to be sure that the insomnia is not harming her in any way. It may take time and effort to get a baby to begin a regular sleep pattern.

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Good advice Heavanet. Once parents make sure that their babies are not up at night because of any major health issues, love and patience are what they need.

Parents must have a lot of patience with their babies when they can't sleep, because many times it is impossible to determine what causes insomnia in young children. Trying different things to help babies sleep and to comfort them is the only way to deal with this problem.
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    • Baby insomnia might occur is a baby is not well-fed before sleep.
      By: Kzenon
      Baby insomnia might occur is a baby is not well-fed before sleep.
    • Colic may cause baby insomnia.
      By: Dmytro Panchenko
      Colic may cause baby insomnia.