What is an Outdoor Shower?

R. Kayne

An outdoor shower has many uses, such as rinsing off in the backyard after a dip in the pool or Jacuzzi, or as a convenience when camping. Some recreational vehicles come equipped with an outdoor shower, or a portable outdoor shower can be purchased to take on the road. Portable shower models vary depending on their purpose.

A showerhead from an outdoor shower.
A showerhead from an outdoor shower.

For backyards with pools and Jacuzzis, an outdoor shower takes the form of a showerhead mounted on an adjustable extender attached to a heavy base. The base includes a mat of non-slip rubber, or in some cases, grated wood, allowing the water to flow through to the ground beneath. The outdoor shower connects to a garden hose and has its own on/off valve to control flow.

Portable and outdoor shower models vary widely, depending on their purpose.
Portable and outdoor shower models vary widely, depending on their purpose.

An outdoor shower allows family and guests alike to rinse pool or Jacuzzi chlorine from hair and skin without having to enter the house. The shower is not enclosed, so bathing suits are worn and rinsed in the process. A detachable head can be used to clean muddy feet or to wash pets on a warm day. The outdoor shower is ideal for barbecues, parties and every day use. If you’d like privacy, you can purchase an outdoor shower with an aluminum ring and shower curtain.

For camping, the outdoor shower can be a simple affair. Some are gravity-based showers made from bag-like containers with attached hose and nozzle. Simply fill the container with water and hang it from a high place, such as the branch of a tree. Stand underneath and turn a valve on the nozzle to take a shower. For a warm shower, fill the bag early in the day and place it in direct sun. These outdoor showers, also referred to as solar showers, are inexpensive.

If a gravity shower doesn’t sound like it will meet your needs, there are battery powered outdoor showers as well. These showers come with a powerful submergible pump that can be placed in any water source, whether a lake, stream, or water-filled container. The pump connects to a hose that feeds the showerhead, providing flow without having to place the water source above your head. Some battery-operated models also warm shower water.

An outdoor shower is an inexpensive way to add convenience and comfort to your life. Backyard or pool showers range in price from about 50 US Dollars (USD) to 100 USD or more. A basic battery-operated camping shower can cost as little as 25 USD, while a model that warms water or features a more powerful pump might be closer to 100 USD. Tent outdoor showers combine a tent for privacy, and in some cases a portable toilet, for under 200 USD.

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Where I live now, there is no water heater (the water from the shower is freezing cold) and it rains just about every day.

I would love to be able to shower in the rain and we have a terrace which would be perfect for that except that everyone around would see. are there any stand alone shower rods which don't need to be attached to a wall or ceiling in the market or something like the shower tents, except that they would have an open top to allow in the rainwater? Thank you.

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