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What Is an Outdoor Home Theater?

Jacob Queen
Jacob Queen

An outdoor home theater is a lot like a traditional home theater, only in this case, it is arranged somewhere outside the individual’s house. Sometimes a theater like this might be set up inside a roofed porch area, or around a pool, but it could also simply be on the person’s lawn. When most people set up an outdoor home theater system, they rely on a digital projector, but it could also be designed using some kind of television set under the right circumstances. Sometimes an outdoor home theater may only be assembled temporarily for some kind of special occasion, such as a party, and people may keep the equipment handy so that they can set it up and take it down whenever they want based on weather and other factors.

There are a lot of potential benefits to setting up a outdoor environment to watch movies and television. For some people, it simply provides an interesting or novel twist on the basic television experience, offering an entirely different environmental atmosphere with the smell of fresh air, the sounds of the outdoors, and the feel of a warm summer breeze. In other cases, it may be a practical issue where the inside of the person’s house is simply too small to accommodate a group of people, forcing the person to find another place to put all the people in front of a single screen to watch something. There are also some people that simply have a great outdoors setting, such as a large roofed porch or a pool, that lends itself to outdoor gatherings.

Some home theaters feature a projector.
Some home theaters feature a projector.

The cost of setting up an outdoor home theater can vary a lot depending on the kind of equipment used. For example, some people might simply bring a television outside and plug it in with an extension cord, and this could work just fine in certain situations. Other people take it much more seriously and set up very elaborate theaters, buying huge screens, digital projectors, and dozens of chairs so that many people can watch at the same time. Additionally, many people might purchase a lot of audio equipment, including very large speakers, to compensate for the fact that sounds might not be as loud outdoors without walls to bounce from. Some kind of media playing option—digital video disc (DVD) player, Blu-Ray player, computer, or other media-playing device—is generally necessary as well, along with the ability to run power safely to all the outdoors electronics.

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    • Some home theaters feature a projector.
      By: M S
      Some home theaters feature a projector.