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What Is an LGBT Center?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

An LGBT center is a community center that focuses on supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, as well as all other people of minority sexualities and genders who identify themselves using different terms. The functions of this type of community center depend on the needs of the area in which the center is located, as well as the mission of the center itself. As such, each LGBT center may be slightly different. In addition to this broad type of center, there are also community organizations designed to support specific subsets of these groups, including specific Lesbian and Gay centers, centers for teens, and those for people with certain health problems. These community centers often face opposition from various sections of the public and typically have political or social missions in addition to practical concerns.

In essence, the job of an LGBT center is to support the LGBT community in whatever ways it can. This is typically accomplished simply by providing a supportive network of humans with similar problems. Communication through an LGBT center can help resolve emotional and psychological difficulties a person of a minority sexuality may feel, and counseling may be included as part of the center's programs. Even simply having a place to meet other people who are not opposed to one's sexuality may be beneficial.

Counseling might be offered at an LGBT center.
Counseling might be offered at an LGBT center.

Practical concerns of an LGBT center depend on the area in question. Health services are often offered by this type of community center and may include treatment for STDs as well as encouraging STD testing and providing general medical services. It is common in some areas for members of the LGBT community to be in physical danger, and getting individuals out of dangerous situations is one of the primary goals of many centers. People who feel that their school, home, or work environment is dangerous can often find sanctuary at an LGBT center.

In some cases, an LGBT center may serve as housing for people in troublesome situations. Teens who have run away are often able to find shelter in these community centers, and those centers that do not provide housing may be able to direct homeless people to appropriate and safe facilities. Different centers have very different policies about what is best for LGBT teens, but for people who are lost and confused because of their sexuality, these centers can in the very least provide basic guidance.

Awareness is one of the major concerns of the LGBT community, as are political rights. Many of these centers organize awareness events, raise money, and attempt to influence legislative changes on both a local and national level. In certain countries, this is too risky, so centers of this type focus primarily on individuals and how to improve life in harsh conditions. Support is the primary goal of an LGBT center, but the type of support provided must serve the individual rather than forcing the individual to serve the greater good.

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    • Counseling might be offered at an LGBT center.
      By: Alexander Raths
      Counseling might be offered at an LGBT center.