What is an Ironing Board Cupboard?

Dana DeCecco

An ironing board cupboard is a wall mounted cabinet designed for storage and easy access to an ironing board. The units are typically prefabricated but can be built using common building materials. An ironing board cupboard may be referred to as an ironing board cabinet or a built-in ironing board, and is a practical and useful item.

An iron.
An iron.

The typical design of an ironing board cupboard incorporates a cabinet frame, a hinge assembly, and an ironing board. A support leg is installed for the front of the board while the back is supported by the hinge assembly. A decorative front door is sometimes installed to conceal the ironing board and offer a finished appearance.

The bottom of an iron.
The bottom of an iron.

Flush mount and recessed cabinets are available. Recessed units fit within the wall framing members, and only the face of the unit is visible when installed. With flush mount systems, the entire cabinet is visible. Both types have a finished cabinet appearance and are available in a variety of styles and finishes.

The installation of an ironing board cupboard must be done correctly. The unit must be plumb, level, and securely mounted to framing members such as wall studs. The mounting height is determined by manufacturer specifications, or the support leg provided will determine the height. An electrical outlet can be installed within the cabinet to provide power to the iron.

Some units include shelving and storage, making everything conveniently located in one area. These compact units are ideal for small laundry rooms, sewing rooms, or bedrooms. Ironing board sizes can vary from full size boards to compact units. The ironing board cupboard is an ideal solution for homes with limited utility space.

Cabinet styles are designed to complement the decor of any home. Traditional door fronts are available in oak, maple, or pine with a variety of finishes. Mirror doors are decorative and functional. The flip down ironing board can be constructed of wood, steel, or aluminum and is mounted to the cabinet with a sturdy hinge. The front support leg is typically hinged to the ironing board, making the entire system very easy to set up and use.

Ironing board cabinets are available at local home improvement stores but may require a special order, since they are not a frequently sold item. A number of online retailers carry a variety of space saving ironing board systems, including cabinet drawer pull out systems and behind the door pull down units.

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