What is an Indoor Greenhouse?

Patti Kate

An indoor greenhouse is typically a small room or enclosed tent used for growing Indoor plants, fruits, or vegetables. Temperatures in an indoor greenhouse must be kept warm for optimum results. There are several types of indoor greenhouses, which vary in size. A greenhouse will typically need special lighting. Fluorescent lighting is commonly used in this type of greenhouse, although basic light bulbs may work well for small indoor greenhouses.

Ferns require minimal upkeep and are easy to grow indoors.
Ferns require minimal upkeep and are easy to grow indoors.

Making an indoor greenhouse generally takes time and effort. Instructions generally can be found online. The main advantage is that it can be built in a relatively small area, even in apartments that do not have outdoor gardens. This makes indoor greenhouses a popular choice for those who enjoy gardening.

Light bulbs can be used to provide heat in an indoor greenhouse.
Light bulbs can be used to provide heat in an indoor greenhouse.

While outdoor greenhouses may be suitable for warm climates, an indoor greenhouse can be used in all regions and climates. Many indoor greenhouse styles are portable, so they can be easily transported to various locations or rooms.

Many portable indoor greenhouses are made from simple kits that can be purchased from a supply store, nursery, or online dealer. Plastic wrap can be used to cover plant stands and light bulbs can provide heat. Most greenhouse kits will come with instructions for set-up.

Indoor greenhouses made from kits are typically easy to maintain. For example, an indoor greenhouse may have a solid glass base, which is preferable for an area that is prone to drafts. This is because the glass will retain heat better than many other materials. Fiberglass will provide a sturdy base, although artificial light will be needed.

Flowers, fruits, vegetables, and decorative plants can all typically be grown in greenhouses. Certain flowers and plants do especially well in a greenhouse environment, due to the humidity level it provides. Orchids and ferns are especially easy to grow under these conditions.

Another word often used to describe an indoor greenhouse is hothouse, aptly named for the high temperature it will retain. Many indoor greenhouses have shelves affixed to the floor. This will generally accommodate several plants. Placing shallow pans of water on shelves or on the floor of the greenhouse will raise humidity levels.

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