What Is an Egg Toaster?

B. Miller

An egg toaster is a convenient kitchen appliance that makes toast and eggs simultaneously. Some also include a meat warmer for heating things such as sausage or bacon that has already been cooked. The purpose of these appliances is to quickly make an entire breakfast sandwich in the morning without needing to use a bunch of pots and pans. Each egg toaster is typically designed in a similar way, with a slot toaster on top, a meat warming tray on the bottom underneath the toaster, and an egg cup to the side that steams the egg to cook it.

An egg.
An egg.

It is not necessary to make an entire breakfast sandwich every time the egg toaster is used. These appliances can generally function independently as a simple toaster, and can accept bread as well as other items such as bagels or croissants. These can make breakfast sandwiches that are a little more filling. Egg options are slightly more limited; the egg must be cracked into the cup, where it will then be steamed and poached if the yolk is left whole. Another option is to scramble the egg prior to cooking it and then simply steaming it that way.

Croissants can be toasted using an egg toaster.
Croissants can be toasted using an egg toaster.

People who like firmer eggs might find that an egg toaster is not the best bet, but for those who don't mind poached or steamed scrambled eggs, it is a very convenient method for cooking them. It is important to keep in mind that even if an egg toaster is capable of warming meats, it cannot cook them. Meats such as sausage, ham, or bacon should always be cooked prior to placing them in the warmer, otherwise they will not be safe to eat. These three steps are all it takes to assemble a delicious breakfast sandwich using an egg toaster.

These appliances are fairly easy to find in kitchen stores or may be ordered online. They can make a great, unique wedding gift, particularly for the couple that has everything. They are generally comparably priced to any other toaster, though can be a bit more expensive, so unless an individual makes breakfast sandwiches frequently throughout the week, it may be a better idea to simply purchase a more inexpensive stand-alone toaster. Simple toasters also have fewer features that can potentially break. Some small appliances will come with brief warranties, which may also be something to look for when making a purchase to ensure that the product will hold up with use.

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