What is an Ear Wrap?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Ear wraps are a form of personal adornment designed especially for ears. Unlike more traditional ear decorations, the ear wrap can be worn without the necessity for piercing the earlobe or using a clasp or screw mechanism. As with earrings, the ear wrap comes in a wind range of styles and materials, making it possible to wear them in just about any setting.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Part of the charm of an ear wrap around is that the device gently fits around the bottom half of the ear, and relies on the contour of the ear itself to keep the adornment in place. The typical design includes a shape that allows the wrap to cup over the base of the ear chamber and rest on the exterior of the ear just above and onto the ear lobe itself. While the fit is snug, it does not bind and is much more comfortable than may other types of ear jewelry.

The function of ear wrap jewelry is very much like that of the ear cuff, in that the body of the device can be enhanced with all sorts of stones, charms, and other interesting and visually attractive elements. This makes it possible to coordinate the choice of wraps with other jewelry such as necklaces and complete a look that is unified. The charms or stones can also pick up on the color scheme of the clothing being worn for the occasion.

Unlike some other options with ear wear, ear wrap earrings can provide a more interesting adornment for the earlobe. Rather than requiring multiple piercings, a wrap makes it possible to adorn the ear with several different stones or charms that rest on the upper area of the earlobe. The detail can even move upward onto the lower section of the ear if desired. Thus, it is possible to wear a series of simple diamonds that gracefully accentuate the lines of the ear or go with something that is more colorful and chunky for a more casual appearance.

A number of retail outlets offer different a selection of ear wrap jewelry. As with other types of ear wear, there are wraps that are made from inexpensive materials, making them affordable for just about everyone. There are also ear wraps that are constructed using gold and other precious metals, and may include diamonds, rubies, or other precious stones in the design. While many people tend to think of the ear wrap as a form of adornment for young women, many designs are also flattering for women approaching middle age.

Not only women can wear an ear wrap. Men who wish to adorn their ears temporarily can also make use of this type of accessory. Wrap designs for men range from simple devices that appear to be a series of simple metal studs up and down the ear to ornate charms that include everything from racing decals and bike club emblems to religious symbols. While not as easily found at retail outlets as the wraps for women, specialty shops and online stores are good sources for male oriented ear wraps.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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