What is an Ear Sound Amplifier?

C. Webb

An ear sound amplifier is a device that enhances sound and allows one to hear it at a more desirable level. Before looking into an ear sound amplifier, the consumer has to decide the reason for getting one. If one is wanted for medical reasons, an ear, nose, and throat doctor should be consulted. Product specifications should be examined before making a purchase if one is desired for recreational or professional use.

Ear sound amplifiers are often called hearing aids and are used for those with hearing disorders.
Ear sound amplifiers are often called hearing aids and are used for those with hearing disorders.

Ear sound amplifiers serve several purposes. Doctors and nurses use them in the form of stethoscopes, for listening to internal noises in the body, without having to hear outside distractions. Stethoscopes have been used for centuries to diagnose and save lives. They are the oldest type of ear sound amplifier, and one of the most commonly used.

Another reason for getting an ear sound amplifier is for helping with hearing disorders. There are many options, depending on the customer's specific needs and disorder. Two options include devices worn behind the ear and in the ear. These are usually called hearing aids, and vary in price and quality. They can be matched to skin color and ear shape.

Some types of ear sound amplifiers can be used for fun. Whether the buyer wants to listen to the birds in the distance or a neighbor's conversation, this type of device can help. Usually sold as spy gear for fun, these amplifiers also are used by private companies and government for surveillance.

One of the most overlooked ear sound amplifiers is the common headphone set. Many people have owned this type of amplifier. Prices will vary depending on style, quality, and primary use. Whether the consumer wants wireless attachments to watch television, or a pair that fits inside the ear canal to listen to music, there are many variations to choose from. Headphones can also be used to drown out distracting noises.

Ear sound amplifiers have become more commonly used with cell phones. Many regions have strict laws against talking on a cell phone while driving, unless a hands-free set is used. A hands-free set allows a user to talk while driving, shopping, or doing other tasks that require both hands. Devices come in a variety of prices and models.

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