What is an Automated Wealth System?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands
Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

An automated wealth system refers to a home-based business program or model marketed to the public with claims of wealth if the system’s instructions are followed. Such wealth creation programs further assert that not only will wealth be attained, but an automated process of reaping future residual or passive income will also be established. Often, wealth creation programs are marketed via infomercials and on the Internet. Also known as get rich quick schemes, a great deal of automated wealth system products are actually scams.

Individuals expressing an interest in wealth creation are frequently encouraged to invest in a wealth building system. Those who invest in such products are assured that they will get rich quick simply by following the exact steps that the creator of the automated wealth system did. The creator shares with the public how he became wealthy using the system and details stories about how wonderful life is now that he no longer has to work for more money. The creator is generally very charismatic, but also appears to be an average person who got rich without needing an advanced education, unique training or a special skill set.

It is not unusual for an automated wealth system to require a person buying into the system to recruit other people into the system in order to maximize earnings. Also known as multilevel marketing, some wealth building systems offer individuals an opportunity to earn money from personal sales of a primary product or service, as well as an opportunity to earn a commission on the sales of individuals recruited into the automated wealth system. Such programs include or are closely related to pyramid schemes.

Wealth building systems are generally costly programs. The spokesperson for the program, however, persuades people to invest in it by carefully describing the cost as an investment and assures those who are interested in wealth creation that the investment is necessary if the person is truly serious about wealth creation. Often, installment payments can be made on the automated wealth system program to accommodate those who cannot afford the upfront cost.

Not all, but many automated wealth system programs deliver far less than promised. Historically, very few people have achieved riches via wealth building systems. In the absence of legitimate and verifiable testimonies in favor of automated wealth system programs, many people have come to view them simply as wealth building scams.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase