What is an ATV Snow Plow?

Dan Cavallari

An ATV snow plow is an attachment made to be mounted to the front of an ATV, or all-terrain vehicle. The plow is used to move snow or dirt, and it is usually adjustable both up and down and laterally to make it a more versatile tool. Most versions of the ATV snow plow are made of steel for durability, though other materials can be used such as fiberglass. Unlike plows that mount to larger vehicles such as cars and trucks, an ATV snow plow is quite small and easy to store in a garage or shed when not in use.

An ATV snow plow attachment is designed to be mounted to the front end of an ATV.
An ATV snow plow attachment is designed to be mounted to the front end of an ATV.

The mechanisms used to control the ATV snow plow are usually quite simple, and some versions are even hand-operated by the driver. The plow can be lifted or lowered using arms that reach from the plow blade to the controls for the driver, and while some hydraulic lifts are available, they are usually not necessary for ATV snow plow blades because they are not so heavy as to necessitate the extra equipment. A pivot system is also usually included in the system to allow the blade to pivot at a diagonal from the front of the ATV. The blade itself is mounted using a mounting bracket or set of bars that attach to the frame of the ATV for stability. The lifting mechanism is then mounted so the driver can adjust the blade while driving.

Most ATV snow plow blades are straight blades similar to the ones seen on plow trucks, though some ATV snow plow blades are split in the middle and hinged there to allow the two wings of the blade to push snow outward. This is especially handy for tight spaces such as walkways or even the edges of driveways. While very effective, this type of blade is likely to be considerably more expensive than more traditional straight blades. Like straight blades, the hinged blades are made of high quality steel for durability. Other materials are not generally used for this type of plow.

The blade is likely to absorb quite a bit of shock when plowing, so most plow blades are spring-mounted to absorb more of that shock and avoid transferring it to the mounting brackets or to the frame of the ATV. The blade itself will also likely be reinforced at the bottom edge of the blade to ensure it does not bend, crack, or otherwise wear out when in contact with pavement, snow, dirt, rocks, and other obstacles that could potentially cause damage.

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