What Is an Attic Ladder Cover?

A. Leverkuhn

An attic ladder cover is an installation that covers up the space where occupants of a home or building access the attic. These residential or commercial systems come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Their overall role is to seal temperature, and prevent the escape of heat or cold air into an attic space.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Attic stair covers come in some different designs. One of these is an attic tent, where vinyl or cloth might be fastened to the frame around the attic stairway. These thinner covers can be opened and closed with zippers or other devices. They may not provide a lot of installation, but they are often easy to install.

Another design for attic ladder covers is an insulated box design. Here, a rectangular structure may be lined with energy-efficient insulation of various types. Some of these boxes have removable covers so that when no one needs to access the attic, the attic's stairway is somewhat permanently closed.

In many cases, those who use an attic stair cover use additional elements to seal the region. Weather stripping can be used to seal the edges of an attic ladder cover. Some other designs rely on caulking or other similar methods for sealing off the space effectively.

Experts point out that many attic stair covers are designed according to building energy codes and other standards. Some designs are more compatible with a specific attic staircase than others. Getting the right attic ladder cover requires knowledge of the existing stairway design, and consideration of heat or energy loss in a home or other building.

Some of the more complex attic stair covers may be sold in kits that include additional materials for insulating and sealing. Homeowners may choose to install these themselves, or rely on professionals to get proper installation for these energy savers. Over time, these devices can pay for themselves as they prevent heat loss and additional heating energy expenditure for a building.

Basically, an attic ladder cover is a semi-permanent accessory to a building. These may add some value to a property if installed correctly. These are not commonly considered an essential or original part of building construction, but instead, are some products that aid in energy renovations for a building where additional sealing and insulating are priorities.

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